Increased Outbound Telemarketing Answer Rates

Using Local Caller ID services in outbound telemarketing has proven successful for increasing answer rates in the call center.
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Increasing Outbound Telemarketing Answer Rates with Local Caller ID

Using Local Caller ID services in outbound telemarketing has proven successful for increasing answer rates in the call center. We are sharing our experience with a client that implemented Local Caller ID services.


The client markets its services to consumers in the lower 48 states.  Outbound B2C telemarketing is the primary sales channel used by the organization.  The outbound telemarketing manager was challenged with decreasing outbound telemarketing answer rates, which was ultimately impacting contacts per hour and list penetration on their campaigns.

The company told Quality Voice & Data, “Of the various options that were on the table, we knew we needed to find a way to increase our outbound telemarketing call answer rate and sales.  Otherwise, the cost per sale for the telemarketing channel was going to be prohibitive”.  Quality Voice & Data’s BrandGuard Caller ID solution was selected for a test.

The Results: 28% increase in answer rate and increased sales conversion rates!

“Testing was simple.  Quality Voice & Data was quick to send us everything we needed to get started”.  He continued, “In order to benchmark if the technology helped us, we split half of our calling file in which we used the local number provided by Quality Voice & Data against the control where we used our regular toll free number.  This split test was conducted for 45 days.  The results showed an improvement on contacts by 28%, therefore resulting in significantly higher sales per hour.”

Outbound Telemarketing Manger

What is BrandGuard CallerID?  The BrandGuard Caller ID service increases outbound telemarketing answer rates and conversions.  It does this by pairing a local phone number with your company’s brand name, which gets displayed on the consumers Caller ID Box.  “By displaying your company’s brand name right up front, it helps move the conversation forward vs explaining who you are and why you are calling” says Dean Garfinkel, President of Quality Voice & Data.  With the BrandGuard Connect program, you control the name and number that displays for your outbound telemarketing campaigns – all while being fully compliant with the Truth in Caller ID Act.

To learn more about how BrandGuard can benefit your organization, please call Dean Garfinkel at 516-656-5115.



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