Professional Association Call Center Solutions Increase Memberships

Telemarketing is hard.  With Quality Contact Solutions as your partner, we make it easy.  We take care of everything and deliver membership revenues to you monthly. Our professional association call center solutions can help you:

  • Renew members
  • Win-back lapsed members
  • Acquire new members
  • Customer Service
  • Offer existing members additional benefits and services
  • Increase seminar/webinar attendance
  • Update member data to ensure your communications are properly received



Your Professional Association Call Center Solutions Partner:

Quality Contact Solutions conducts high-quality outbound telemarketing programs for the association industry.  We conduct outbound calls to renew memberships, win-back lapsed members, promote conferences, and cross-sell and upsell members with new membership programs.  Our approach will help you to reduce operating costs while at the same time generating results with a high return on investment.  Our management team includes telemarketing regulatory compliance experts to ensure that your program is always in compliance with telemarketing laws and regulations.  We are also a PCI Certified Level 1 call center with 13+ years of client success stories.

Quality Contact Solutions has helped acquire, win back, and renew thousands of large and small organizations with our professional call center solutions.  Let us help you create a successful telemarketing program to help you achieve your organization’s growth goals.

Rest easy knowing that QCS will take care of the details, including:

  • Do not call regulation compliance
  • Script compliance
  • Telemarketing compliance
  • PCI compliant solution
  • Call monitoring to ensure the best possible member experience
  • Customized training to ensure each telemarketing agent sounds like they are calling from your office
  • Daily reporting and data transfer to your team


There are many different options that QCS can use to communicate and engage with association members.  These include your website, blogs, emails, tweets, LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts, webchats, and more.  But don’t forget the effectiveness of a phone call, especially when implemented in conjunction with other communication methods.  Learn more below about our partnership with The Data & Marketing Association (DMA), why we are their preferred professional call center solutions partner, and how we leverage phone calls and other forms of communication to increase sales and ROI for them.

Client Testimonial about Associations

DMA has partnered with Quality Contact Solutions since January 2013 for its outbound and inbound telemarketing for the education department.  DMA offers more than 30 public seminars and customized in-company education solutions to companies and individuals interested in building their direct marketing knowledge and skills.  Quality Contact Solutions provides an outsourced professional telemarketing team that proactively conducts outbound telemarketing to sell DMA’s educational offering to prospects. Also, the same team handles incoming calls and reactive chat sessions from DMA’s website.

The results have been consistent. Because the telemarketing team is dedicated to DMA, the quality of calls is high, and goals are met consistently.  Working with the outsourced team, the DMA management team knows that no matter what additional priorities come up, the outbound calls will always get made, generating new sales and opportunities every week.

DMA also utilizes the QCS team when they need extra help promoting a convention or meeting.  QCS can take a call list and script on very short notice to ensure a quick turnaround that can increase attendance.

Rest easy knowing QCS will take care of the details.

Not sure if you’re getting the best results from your telemarketing vendor?  Give our sales team a call today: 866-963-2889 to learn how your organization can benefit from a team of dedicated telemarketing professionals.