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Commercial Banking Appointments

We set appointments to help community banks maximize relationships with business customers

Acquiring commercial banking appointments from Quality Contact Solutions is a cost-effective way to get you in front of your best customers – both current customers and future customers. From pinpointing the small and medium business owners that match your bank’s service offerings to crafting a message that compels action, we know how to set appointments that will drive more business to your bank.

We are not a lead generation company. We don’t sell leads. Every opportunity delivered to you is a qualified appointment set exclusively for your bank.

By using a professional team to call and set appointments, you can expand existing customer relationships, acquire new business, and maximize sales productivity. We specialize in getting you in front of the right people, so you can introduce all your services and build strong relationships now and in the future.

The details in our commercial banking appointments

  • Face to face meeting with qualified business owners in your local area.
  • You direct us to your preferred industries.
  • Our calls will increase your bank’s visibility in the commercial business sector.
  • Give us your existing customers that only have one product with your bank, and we’ll call to set an appointment to discuss other services.

What is included with our commercial banking appointments program?

Quality Contact Solutions specializes in helping businesses get qualified appointments. We acquire targeted lists in zip codes that match your service area and then make outbound cold calls to generate interest and set a qualified appointment with the right person. QCS helps with the biggest problem most banks face while growing their businesses—building and maintaining a consistent sales pipeline.

The best way to think of our service is as an outsourced service provider for your sales force. We focus on the front end: database building, prospect identification and qualification, qualified lead nurturing and developing face-to-face sales appointments.

If your bank is like most, your staff doesn’t have time or are hesitant to prospect for new business on a consistent level. There is always something else they would rather do. That’s why we spend 100% of our time prospecting for you. Let the experts make the calls!

Picking up the phone to cold call a prospect is better done by experts that understand the process of the task. Let our team find the businesses that have a need and schedule them inhouse to meet with your staff, or we can schedule times for you to meet them at their place of business.

Key considerations and reasons to hire a professional commercial banking appointments resource

  • Increase your market share in the commercial business banking sector within your community.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Ensure that more businesses know what you offer and why your bank will meet their banking needs best.
  • Increase the productivity of your team with qualified, set appointments with businesses that have specific needs.
  • Increase goodwill and visibility in your community. A professional voice making hundreds, or thousands of phone calls will drive increased goodwill and visibility in your trading area.

Experienced and knowledgeable appointment setters

We don’t put just anyone on the phone. At QCS, we are proud to have a tried-and-true training program in place that all Business Development Reps must go through before they make their first call. By the time a rep is making calls on behalf of your business, they are experts on topics such as B2B lead generation and our appointment setting methodology. They’ve even learned cold calling tips and are equipped with call scripts to guide them on appointment setting best practices. We promote a positive environment where the Business Development Reps are encouraged to learn and grow as individuals, all while helping grow your business.

A proven approach to setting qualified appointments

We take a strategic approach and use proven processes to take leads through the prospecting sales funnel and set qualified appointments for your business. We know how to talk to prospects, build relationships, and keep them interested. We send professional communications at the right times to ensure we bring you the high-quality leads that will ultimately help you close more deals.

B2B appointment setting is difficult

In the lead generation industry, especially in B2B appointment setting, getting in touch with high-level decision-makers in various organizations can be difficult. The sales cycle on these leads are typically long and require multiple sales calls over several weeks and months. Setting qualified appointments in a B2B market requires talented business development representatives, a solidified process, and cutting-edge tools. Quality Contact Solutions has the B2B appointment setting process figured out, and we’ve helped all types of businesses across the nation get in front of prospects more efficiently than they can do with their internal resources.

What are the key reasons to use Quality Contact Solutions?

  • Customer Service relationship building.
  • Filling idle time with valued opportunities.
  • Emailed confirmation to prospects of scheduled date/time.
  • Dedicated, experienced team.
  • Weekly and monthly communication to ensure you have visibility and transparency.
  • High-quality results.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why the QCS team is best for setting commercial banking appointments:

  • We deliver a consistent message to all the business owners that need your help. That’s what we do for you.
  • During the introduction, our experts introduce your company, explain the program and get approval from a decision-maker for an appointment. Our goal is to develop a winning program for you that will create value long term.
  • We help your team become more productive, making your bank more profitable by building long- term relationships.
  • Our focus is to assist local community banks that don’t have as large of a marketing budget as the big national banks.
  • QCS makes outsourced telemarketing simple. We own it, so you won’t have to.

Follow these simple steps to get started

Call us at 866-963-2889

  1. Together we will discuss your marketing strategies
  2. We’ll help sync your teams’ calendar with ours, so you’ll have appointments scheduled in real-time while avoiding conflicts with scheduling.
  3. Provide your target market.
  4. Coordinate the startup with our operations team.
  5. Then sit back, relax and reap the rewards!

Work with Quality Contact Solutions to generate a consistent flow of qualified sales appointments for your bank!

Quality Contact Solutions has assisted thousands of companies, large and small, to expand their market share through laser-focused call center support.

Not sure if you’re getting the best results from your telemarketing vendor?  Give our sales team a call today: 866-963-2889 to learn how your organization can benefit from a team of dedicated telemarketing professionals.