Existing Customer Cross-Sell

While it’s important to be able to effectively sell your products and services, many organizations find existing customer cross-sell to be challenging.

At Quality Contact Solutions we have learned that leveraging these existing cross-sell and upsell opportunities to be especially beneficial. We know that selling additional products and services to your current customer base not only increases your sales revenue, but also improves your Customer Relationships. When presenting a product or a service to a customer that potentially solves an issue or rectifies a need, trust is being built. It sounds simple enough, but effective cross-selling is difficult to master, which is why many organizations turn to Quality Contact Solutions to run their existing customer cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

Years of experience has proven that Quality Contact Solutions demonstrates the ability to run powerful and successful existing customer cross-sell campaigns for its clients. Designed to your specifications, an existing customer cross-sell campaign run by our team will help your organization see increased sales revenues from your existing customer relationships. Our highly trained staff will not only upsell for you, but will connect your representatives with customers interested in your products and services via a live transfer, giving your sales team direct access to the best leads, in a timely manner. This direct access to promising leads grants your sales team a higher success rate, boosting morale and ensuring that their time is spent more efficiently.