Business call center & telemarketing services that achieve results.

We exist because the world is driven by sales. We deliver exceptional results because our company culture is vibrant and alive.

We offer business call center & telemarketing services to make the most of your contact center dollars.

Quality Contact Solutions serves an array of verticals and offers solutions that apply to each customer, market, and industry.

Telemarketing Compliance

Our team of telemarketing compliance experts helps clients successfully and cost-effectively navigate the maze of Federal and State regulations that apply to telemarketing programs today, including the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule), and the various state-specific laws.

Telemarketing Services

With Telemarketing as a core competency, we understand that there are several factors that contribute to successfully outsourcing part or all of your business.

B2B Outbound Marketing

If you are considering a telemarketing firm for B2B outbound marketing solutions, look no further. Quality Contact Solutions is your premier choice for B2B outbound marketing.

B2C Outbound Marketing

Using outbound marketing has become a cost effective solution for organizations looking to increase sales with the help of outside expertise.

Inbound Call Center

We are experts at helping you create a staffing plan and forecast to ensure your calls are handled with minimum wait time and maximum customer experience.

Telemarketing Lead Generation

By utilizing our business to business lead generation services, your sales team is supplied with a steady stream of qualified leads to help you hit your sales goal.

Shared & Dedicated Inbound Call Center

Most shared programs will use a team of call center agents that are more experienced and have longer tenure with the inbound service agency.

Blended Call Center

At Quality Contact Solutions, 100% of our workstations have an omni-channel capability. In short, this means that the same workstation can seamlessly handle an inbound call, outbound call, email, text or chat.

Appointment Setting

At Quality Contact Solutions, we understand that building a pipeline of new customers is essential to attaining sales goals. One of the common tactics employed to secure these new customers is through Appointment Setting.

Qualified Sales Leads

The experts at Quality Contact Solutions will help you by generating the highly qualified sales leads that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Business Call Center & Telemarketing Solutions for Your Company.

Ask These 4 Questions Before Selecting a BPO Partner

Choosing a BPO partner is a big decision for any company and should not be taken lightly.

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Ask These 4 Questions Before Selecting a BPO Partner

Choosing a BPO partner is a big decision for any company and should not be taken lightly. In our free guide, you’ll get answers to these questions to find the best partner for your organization.