Inbound Telemarketing Services

Quality Contact Solutions knows the  importance for organizations  to have a top notch inbound telemarketing services team. A good inbound telemarketing services program is as effective in sales as it is efficient with metrics, and provides its customers with world class customer service.  Many organizations simply don’t have the time, resources or know-how to run an effective Inbound Customer Service program. A successful inbound telemarketing services program can take years to master. A cost effective solution to consider outsourcing your organizations inbound telemarketing services.

Quality Contact Solutions is well-equipped to handle all of your organization’s inbound telemarketing services needs. We have several clients that have transitioned their internal teams to us as an outside partner to leverage the strengths of our years of experience. From inbound order taking to web site monitoring, Quality Contact Solutions ensures customer satisfaction, higher retention rates for potential returns and increased sales.

Other services, such as a live chat and providing help desk assistance, allow customers to interact with your organization in a way that is most convenient for them. QCS can also provide a click to call service, making it easy for customers to stay in touch with your organization. QCS is also a PCI level 1 service provider.