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Inbound telemarketing can be a high value sales channel for your organization if managed properly. Many companies miss the opportunity to capture additional revenues from incoming calls because the team that handles the calls is not trained on how to sell the company’s products or services.

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Rest easy knowing you're capturing maximum sales value.

By outsourcing your incoming call volume to a team of sales experts, you can rest easy knowing that you’re capturing the maximum sales value from each contact.

There are 5 building blocks of a successful inbound telemarketing services program

  • Sales training
  • Product training
  • The right compensation plan with appropriate incentives tied to sales results
  • A visual scoreboard
  • Rewards and recognition

At QCS, each inbound telemarketing call center agent goes through extensive sales training prior to being assigned to handle inbound calls for a client. Sales training includes how to effectively identify a customer’s needs, how to properly position and sell, how to overcome objections, and how to properly set expectations for next steps (purchase, implementation, etc).

Product training is best conducted by layering the information in digestible modules to ensure true mastery is achieved by the inbound telemarketing agent. When possible at QCS we recommend an approach to training where each learner is brought back into the classroom for additional product knowledge on a weekly or twice-monthly basis until all required training is completed. The best approach is the 80/20 rule. What products or services make up 80% of your company’s sales? What products or services make up 80% of the inbound telemarketing call center sales? Start there and identify a baseline of training that will cover the bases initially and then train additional products or services over time.

To ensure a robust sales culture, we recommend a compensation plan that rewards sales performance with an upside of 20 to 30% on a monthly basis. And if your sales compensation plan is properly set up, a minimum of 50% of the team should consistently hit the targets. The other 50% should be no less than 75% of the target and should have an action plan for achieving the target the next month. If an inbound telemarketing sales agent misses their goal 2 months in a row, you should plan to replace them (they won’t want to stick around if they aren’t being successful).

A visual scoreboard helps ensure that everyone knows if the team is winning. The scoreboard should show the sales goal, the sales so far this month and how much sales revenue is needed each day to ensure the sales goal is achieved for the month. Keep the scoreboard simple so it is always clear when the team is winning.

Rewards and recognition help fuel the team towards superior performance. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team and everyone wants to know that what they do matters and makes a difference. Recognition and rewards are a tangible way to demonstrate that you value the team’s collective and individual performance.

Quality Contact Solutions knows the importance for organizations  to have a top notch inbound telemarketing services team. A good inbound telemarketing services program is as effective in sales as it is efficient with metrics, and provides its customers with world class customer service.  Many organizations simply don’t have the time, resources or know-how to run an effective Inbound Customer Service program. A successful inbound telemarketing services program can take years to master. A cost effective solution to consider outsourcing your organizations inbound telemarketing services.

Quality Contact Solutions is well-equipped to handle all of your organization’s inbound telemarketing services needs. We have several clients that have transitioned their internal teams to us as an outside partner to leverage the strengths of our years of experience. From inbound order taking to web site monitoring, Quality Contact Solutions ensures customer satisfaction, higher retention rates for potential returns and increased sales.

Other services, such as a live chat and providing help desk assistance, allow customers to interact with your organization in a way that is most convenient for them. QCS can also provide a click to call service, making it easy for customers to stay in touch with your organization. QCS is also a PCI level 1 service provider.

Not sure if you’re getting the best results from your telemarketing vendor?  Give our sales team a call today: 866-963-2889 to learn how your organization can benefit from a team of dedicated telemarketing professionals.

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