7 Ways the Health Care Industry Uses Outbound Telemarketing Services

Sales organizations that work with the health care industry can benefit from outbound telemarketing services in these 7 ways.
outbound telemarketing services for healthcare industry

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly disrupted the health care sector as it did for most industries. Providers, patients, and sales teams alike had to adapt quickly.

In-office appointments for sales reps came to a halt, as did most travel within their territories. Telehealth appointments for patients skyrocketed, and we saw enhanced safety measures for in-office appointments. Business needed to go on, and outbound telemarketing services for the health care industry helped facilitate just that…keeping business moving forward.

Sales organizations that work with the health care industry can benefit from outbound telemarketing services in several ways. Revenue increases, more closed deals, and new business opportunities are just a few of the common benefits of working with a telemarketing partner. The entire health care industry, including payers, pharma, small providers, laboratories, and anything in between, have the opportunity to work with an outbound telemarketing provider.


Outbound Telemarketing Services for Health Care: A Prescription for Success

Here are some of the ways the health care industry is using outbound telemarketing:

1. Appointment Setting

Generating qualified leads and setting appointments requires prospecting. How many salespeople like to prospect? Not many, if any whatsoever, but it’s a necessary part of reaching sales quotas.

The health care industry uses outbound telemarketing services to set appointments to help create opportunities for their teams. Well qualified and quality appointments set with decision-makers are crucial to driving revenue. Equally as important as quality, a consistent volume of leads filling a pipeline allows an internal sales team to stay focused on what they are good at, closing deals.

2. Upselling

The health care industry uses outbound telemarketing services to call existing customers and offer additional solutions. Upselling to current customers has proven to be a productive and efficient way to increase the account and order size, because an existing customer is the best prospect.

Partnering with external outsourcing allows internal teams to maintain their existing book of business, prospecting, and other organizational priorities.

3. Engaging With Lapsed Customers

How many customers do you have that no longer purchase your products or services? Chances are, there’s a fair amount. This group of customers used to be loyal. Why did they leave? And how has that impacted revenue?

Outbound telemarketing services can help reengage with that group.

4. Prospecting

Prospecting with telemarketing services is a great way to grow your customer base. It takes the right person and the proper training to make calls, get through the gatekeeper to the decision-maker, identify a potential opportunity, and handle rejections. Not only is prospecting tedious, but it also requires a tough individual.

5. Data Cleansing and Verification

Another way the health care industry uses outbound telemarketing services is for data cleansing. An outsourced partner will reach out to customers and update outdated information.

The benefit of updated demographic information is great. Incorrect customer information impacts all business areas and is a time-consuming activity that can easily be outsourced.

6. Membership Outreach

Memberships play a pivotal role throughout many industries but are arguably more important in the health care industry. A solid membership base enables health care organizations to advocate for the needs of their members.

Outbound telemarketing service providers are ideal for facilitating these communications, from time-sensitive updates about industry changes to membership renewals.

7. Unmanaged or Understaffed Territories

Given the workforce dynamics today, placing additional work on current team members to manage open territories while finding the right staff is too much. Poor hiring decisions can be equally as challenging as employee turnover is imminent.

Employees are your greatest asset. Don’t overload them with tasks that may lead them to burnout. An outsourced telemarketing partner can help manage or support territories while finding new staff.

Benefits of Outbound Telemarketing Services for Health Care Organizations

Outbound telemarketing services have been a vital tool in helping health care organizations. Outsourcing allows internal teams to focus on what they do best while a partner handles tedious tasks such as data cleansing and verification.

This not only saves time and effort but also ensures that the information is up-to-date and accurate. Additionally, outsourcing telemarketing services can be a cost-effective solution for health care organizations, allowing them to allocate resources to other important areas.

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