Travel Call Center & BPO Services

Call Center Services for Hotels, Airlines, and Car Rentals

Managing an inbound call center can be challenging. Whether you’re an airline, hotel, rental car agency, or a 3rd party booking website, you receive a barrage of calls, emails, chats, and texts from customers with a wide variety of issues.   We provide call center services for the travel industry for this reason.

Contact centers play a crucial role in customer experience. It’s a competitive industry, and creating a world-class customer experience is vital to customers returning. Outsourcing your call center services for the travel industry provides many benefits, including improving operational efficiency, multi-channel support options, flexibility in staffing, and a seamless customer experience. 

What makes QCS different?

QCS provides customized solutions that solve challenges that plague the travel industry. Our services are tailored to each client’s needs in mind and improve operational efficiencies, provide a consistent customer experience to ensure repeat business, increase revenue, and decrease overall expenses.  

We use omnichannel capabilities that provide an exceptional experience for customers regardless of their communication preferences. Highly experienced call center teams act as an extension of your brand, consistently representing your values and goals. We create a positive impression with every interaction. 


Our experience with Call Center Services for the Travel Industry 

  • Hotel, Airline, and Car Reservations 
  • Customer Service 
  • Loyalty Program Management 
  • Tier 1 & 2 Technical Support 
  • Timeshare Management 
  • Welcome & Onboarding 
  • Sales 
  • Account Management

Our tenure providing call center services for the travel industry allows you to rest easy knowing that QCS will take care of the details, including:

  • Do not call regulation compliance
  • Telemarketing compliance
  • Non-ATDS solution for placing calls to wireless phone numbers.
  • Scripting and training experts on staff
  • Dynamic scripting based on the agency
  • Call monitoring to ensure the best possible customer experience
  • Customized training to ensure each telemarketing agent sounds like they are calling from the agency
  • Daily reporting and data transfer to your team

Not sure if you’re getting the best results from your telemarketing vendor?  Give our sales team a call today: 866-963-2889  to learn how your organization can benefit from a team of dedicated telemarketing professionals.

Why Quality Contact Solutions 

Our company and employees are 100% U.S. based and have an average tenure of 15 years in the industry. We know what it takes to be successful.  

Maintaining a call center and all of the nuances associated, let alone finding staff to support increasing business demands, is challenging. Flexibility is essential to grow, change, and adjust as needed without impacting KPIs.  

We understand the key metrics essential to running a call center successfully, and we can assist with accurately forecasting call, email, text, and chat volumes.  

Reach out to us today and learn how Quality Contact Solutions Travel, Hospitality, and Transportation Call Center & BPO Services can enable your business to meet its goals and accelerate growth.