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At Quality Contact Solutions, 100% of our workstations have an omni-channel capability.  In short, this means that the same workstation can seamlessly handle an inbound call, outbound call, email, text or chat.  Depending on your call volumes and the variety of call types, your organization should explore if it makes sense to use the same work team to handle both inbound and outbound contacts.

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Many client programs benefit from using a call center company that has the technology and processes in place to blend both inbound and outbound calls using the same call center agents across the different contact types.  For example, an outbound program may be utilized to place outbound calls to existing customers to remind them about an upcoming appointment which they scheduled previously.  When the customer misses the call, they will often call back the phone number on their Caller ID or the number left on their voicemail.  It only makes sense that those incoming calls should be handled by the same team that originally placed the outbound calls.  This also helps ensure that customers don’t get repeat calls once the goal has been obtained, via inbound or outbound call.

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Many companies choose to outsource their inbound call center work. 

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How to Outsource Your In-house Customer Care