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Outsourced Contact
Management Services

Many companies have a goal to contact existing customers and to update existing customer data two to three times per year. Employees that are assigned the task of making these contacts and maintaining the customer updates are often overwhelmed with the sheer volume and lack tools and processes to efficiently make the contacts.

Outsource vs. hiring

Contact Management Services for your Business.

The alternative to falling behind in this critical marketing and sales initiative, is to consider an outsourcing some or all of your contact management needs.

For years, Quality Contact Solutions has provided Outsourced Contact Management services and solutions for organizations that were seeking alternatives to managing the accounts internally. Our team has proven that we can seamlessly transition a portion, or all of your existing customer contacts and new prospect contact an outsourced (external) model.

Quality Contact Solutions is positioned well to handle your outsourced contact management needs. Our contact management services produce experts demonstrate measurable operational efficiencies and , increased productivity with an ROI that is evidenced within the first 30 days of operation of each new client account. In addition, each client is assigned an Operations Manager that will take ownership of your account.

If your contact management program needs a lift, we can help.

Communicating with the customer is essential, but doing so efficiently isn’t easy. Contact center management and inbound account management can be demanding, which is why many organizations turn to QCS for guidance. QCS not only provides an array of inbound telemarketing services, but can also assist your organization with inbound account management, ensuring that the entire program is running smoothly.

Contact center management is just as challenging, leading many organizations to outsource this task. It’s a cost effective way to save time, and to ensure that your contact center has the best management available. At QCS, our experienced and motivated team has seen it all, and passes on the advantage to your organization with our contact management services, custom fit to your contact center’s unique needs. We can leverage years of experience to provide support where and when you need it most.

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