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B2B Lead Generation Success for Cedaron Medical, Inc.

QCS emerged as the partner of choice because of our experience with the medical industry as well as the central (Midwest) location of our team.

Quality Contact Solutions served in an integral capacity for Cedaron Medical, Inc. over the past several months.

Cedaron Medical’s sales team was faced with a significant challenge: lack of time.  Karen Bond, Chief Executive Office for Cedaron Medical said “with our sales force focused on addressing and closing current opportunities, we were challenged to find and dedicate time to new lead generation”.  Bond continued, “We know we need to continually fill the sales funnel with new opportunities, but the existing sales staff simply could not spend enough time cold calling.”

Cedaron explored various B to B Telemarketing Lead Generation companies.  Quality Contact Solutions emerged as the partner of choice because of our experience with the medical industry as well as the central (Midwest) location of our team.

Once selected, the QCS Operations team utilized a four-step implementation to ensure maximum telemarketing lead generation results.  1) Concept testing, 2) Evaluation of the concept testing, 3) Scripting and list adjustments, and 4) Rollout.  Nathan Teahon, Director of Operations for QCS noted, “With any new program, there are hurdles to jump over and challenges to overcome.  During our concept testing phase, we found we had certain types of opportunities in the in initial call list that were not prime candidates for Cedaron.  These non-prime candidates were identified and suppressed heading into the rollout thereby increasing program efficiency and reducing costs.”  Another key factor was adjusting the scripting to ensure the most efficient use of every phone call.  Teahon added, “Reaching the target in a B to B medical list can be challenging; so we created a pathway in the script that allowed us to collect as much of the information as possible from an intermediary point of contact.”

Quality Contact Solutions has a very unique style.  We do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach.  QCS utilizes a tailored model that works specifically for each client.  Angela Garfinkel, QCS President and Founder, believes that programs will be more successful when the four-step startup process is used with new clients.  Teahon agrees: “With the Cedaron Medical B to B Lead Generation program, we identified critical factors in our testing phase that took us down a very specific path that we otherwise wouldn’t have known to follow if we had skipped over the initial concept test.  Also, based on the success we saw in the concept testing process we were able to give the B to B lead generation agents the information that it took to be confident, efficient and productive.” 

What does Cedaron Medical say about their experience?  We couldn’t say it any better:

“We have enjoyed our partnership with Quality Contact Solutions due to their professionalism, ease of contact, flexibility with program specifics and responsiveness.  We have specifically enjoyed partnering with QCS due to their generation of qualified leads.  It’s been a very good overall experience.”

 – Karen Bond, Chief Executive Officer, Cedaron Medical, Inc.

About the Client:

Cedaron Medical is the leading provider of solutions for specialty outcomes documentation, data collection and analytics.  Cedaron’s current products focus on three areas: Cardiac, Physical and Occupational Therapy.  Cedaron’s suite of products includes CardiacCare, APTA Connect, ASHT Connect, SLP Connect, AOTA Perform and Impairment Care.

About Us:

Quality Contact Solutions specializes in B2B telemarketing, B to B lead generation and telemanagement.  To learn more about how Quality Contact Solutions can help your business, please call Angela Garfinkel at 866.963.2889, ext. 201 or send an email to


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