healthcare-clipboard-and-corssUtilize our Experience and Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry to increase revenues and grow your customer base.

Telemarketing is hard. With Quality Contact Solutions as your partner, we make it easy. We take care of everything and deliver additional revenues to you on a monthly basis. Use outsourced telemarketing to:

  • Cross-sell or upsell existing customers
  • Prospect for new customers
  • Win-back Lapsed Customers
  • Collection
  • Credit card processing
  • Provide Technical Support
  • Provide Customer Service

Our experience in the Healthcare industry

Quality Contact Solutions conducts high quality inbound and outbound telemarketing programs for small, medium and large healthcare services companies. The scope of each program varies as every client has different needs. The typical program focuses on outbound sales/cross-sells/upsells to prospecting, lapsed and existing customers. We also have extensive experience in handling inbound orders, technical support and customer service inquiries. QCS specializes in converting customers that typically order via invoice to credit card.

In addition to generating results with a high return-on-investment, our management team includes telemarketing regulatory compliance experts. We are a PCI Certified Level 1 call center with 10 years of client success stories. We understand how important the protection of sensitive and confidential data is to our clients and our customers.

Rest easy knowing that QCS will take care of the details including:

  • Do not call regulation compliance
  • Non-ATDS solution for placing calls to wireless phone numbers.
  • Scripting and sales training experts on staff
  • PCI compliant solution
  • Call monitoring to ensure the best possible customer experience
  • Customized training to ensure each telemarketing agent sounds like they are calling from your office
  • Daily reporting and data transfer to your team

Not sure if you’re getting the best results from your telemarketing vendor? Give Angela Garfinkel a call today: 516-656-5118 to learn how your organization can benefit from a team of dedicated telemarketing professionals.