Cross-sell and upsell your existing utility customers using outbound telemarketing

Utility-Repair-woman-smiling-at-her-billOutbound telemarketing is hard.  With Quality Contact Solutions as your partner, we make it easy.  We take care of everything and deliver additional revenues to you on a monthly basis. Use outsourced telemarketing to:

  • Cross-sell and upsell appliance repair and warranty programs to existing customers
  • Cross-sell surge protection services to existing customers
  • Offer new energy savings programs to existing customers

What we do for Utilities in the Energy Business

Quality Contact Solutions conducts high quality outbound telemarketing programs for medium and large utility companies.  The typical program consists of placing outbound telemarketing calls to existing customers to cross-sell the utilities appliance repair and warranty program.  Most utilities derive additional revenues from their existing customer base by offering this type of program.  Most utilities find that conducting outbound telemarketing calls to pitch the program and sign up new subscribers is difficult.  QCS specializes in conducting these types of calls are we are good at it!

In addition to generating results with a high return-on-investment, our management team includes telemarketing regulatory compliance experts.  We are a PCI Level 1 certified organization with 10 years of client success stories.

“QCS handles our sales with professionalism and pride themselves on their intimate knowledge of our product.  They have proved a strong value-add for our sales strategy”

Rest easy knowing that QCS will take care of the details including:

  • Do not call regulation compliance
  • Non-ATDS solution for placing calls to wireless phone numbers.
  • Scripting and sales training experts on staff
  • PCI compliant solution
  • Call monitoring to ensure the best possible member experience
  • Customized training to ensure each telemarketing agent sounds like they are calling from your office
  • Daily reporting and data transfer to your team


Not sure if you’re getting the best results from your telemarketing vendor?  Give Angela Garfinkel a call today:  516-656-5118 to learn how your organization can benefit from a team of dedicated telemarketing professionals.