Technical Support Call Center

Your customers rely on technology every day. When issues arise and cause their technology to not work properly, your customers need help and need help fast.

At Quality Contact Solutions, we understand that managing your help desk in house can be challenging and cause a lot of heartburn throughout the organization. Handling the support function internally isn’t just about maintaining the technology, it’s about first call resolution, managing employee schedules, the average speed of answer and so much more. Outsourcing technical support functions allows you to focus on growing your business and not have to worry about attrition of current technical support staff. It’s about having more time to focus on projects that will help support the objectives of the business.

technical support call center

We understand the challenges of finding a Technical Support Call Center.

With Quality Contact Solutions as a partner for technical support we work with you to help analyze your needs and help suggest the most effective solutions to support your business. We know what it takes to be an effective partner and meet required SLA’s. Our team is experienced and will represent your company seamlessly and with continuity. Your customers will not know that they are working with or speaking to an outsourced technical support team.

Quality Contact Solutions provides:

Consistent Experience

Our team is trained to adhere to a predetermined set of procedures. This provides the consistency your customer base expects with future interactions.

Daily Reports

We’ll keep you updated daily with key metrics through our client focused reports while following an established escalation process for important issues that just can’t wait. We know it’s important to keep the lines of communication open.

Project Assessment

Our team will meet with key decision makers and designated IT staff to help identify key strategic goals to ensure proper alignment while collaborating from the beginning.


In tandem with you, we’ll establish various layers of prioritization that your customers and/or employees may encounter.


We have several options to accommodate the demands of your customers and business needs.

Flexible Solutions

We work hard to tailor each project to fit the needs of our clients. The scope, breadth and depth of every company is unique and necessitates an individualized plan to meet and exceed goals.

Technical support is complicated. Experience matters. Let the experts at Quality Contact Solutions handle your call center technical support.

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