B2B Telemarketing Breaks the Phone Sales Stigma

We all have experienced that stigma at one point or another about telephone sales…you know what I’m talking about…the cheesy voice with the script, the person that doesn’t listen to you, the call that you listen to with no intent to purchase the product that is being presented to you for fear of being rude.  How can anyone sell anything over the phone, especially at a higher price point?

B2B telemarketing at QCS is eliminating all stigmas.  We have professionals that are well trained to help the customer fill a need.  With the talent today in the workforce and experienced leadership to support the employees, it is really amazing how successful organizations can be with telephone sales and telemarketing lead generation. Here are a few examples of some very successful B2B Telemarketing sales reps that currently work in our organization.

Persistence and Patience = $79,900 B2B Telemarketing Sale

Michelle Perry, one of the elite B2B sales reps working in the educational sector at QCS, recently garnered a $79,900 sale.  Michelle first made contact with her prospect in March 2013.  Over the course of 11 months, with persistence and patience, Michelle skillfully turned a small opportunity into a sale totaling $79,900.  What is unique about this sale is that this originally started off as an inbound call.  By asking probing questions and understanding what the needs of this prospect were, she was able to help fit them into the proper solution…not just for 7 employees as originally intended, but for 1,390 employees.  When asked what makes a successful sales person, Perry said, “I love what I do, I believe in myself, I love competition and I am persistent and patient.”

Customer Happiness, Patience and Follow up = $17,500 B2B Telemarketing Sale

Meet Carrisa Woodford.  Carissa is another one of our extremely talented B2B telemarketing sales agents.  Carissa recently closed a large sale through the use of a closing technique called “time-bound offer”.  A time-bound offer means that she has to close within a designated timeframe for the customer to receive the discounts and/or additional premium being offered.  When asked how Carissa closed her big sale, she said, “To me successful sales means focusing on the customer and making them happy.  I believe that listening to the customer, following up regularly and presenting them with an awesome deal with a specific end date helped me close the largest sale I’ve had.”  What was it worth?  $17,500.

Rapport and Questions = $42,500 B2B Telemarketing Sale

Ryan Apodac is one of our top B2B telemarketing sales agents in the software space.  Ryan employed another essential element in phone sales…discovery. Discovery is key in identifying other needs of the client and organization.  On one particular sales call, Ryan discovered that there were essential elements missing from his customer’s product portfolio and the customer may be out of regulatory compliance in their industry.  Through the series of questions, Ryan was able to make recommendations to the custom for additional products that they needed.  The resulting sale was $42,500.  Apodac explains “I believe a good salesperson is able to recommend products based off their conversations, and not off the next product they want to sell.  When you open up the lines of communication between you and the customer, their needs become more apparent.  That gives me (the salesperson) the opportunity to present products.”

To learn more about how Quality Contact Solutions can help your sales organization through B2B Telemarketing, call Angela Garfinkel at 1.866.963.2889 ext. 201.


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