Best Daily Report Template for Outsource Telemarketing 2021

One of the biggest challenges with outsource telemarketing programs is how to measure performance.
report template for outsource telemarketing

By Melissa Oberle, Client Services Specialist

One of the biggest challenges with outsource telemarketing programs is how to measure performance. It’s not always adequate to measure program performance on a monthly or weekly basis. Sometimes the performance needs to be evaluated daily. If you are serious about making such an assessment, below is an example of a good daily report template for an outbound marketing program. It is essential to measure and track performance from the start of any outsource telemarketing program.

Key reporting metrics for outsource telemarketing

As a general rule, the key outbound outsource telemarketing metrics to measure and report on are:

  1. Sales
  2. Refusals
  3. Sales per hour (SPH)
  4. Hours
  5. List conversion %: sales divided by finalized records
  6. List penetration %: finalized records divided by the beginning list size
  7. Call disposition details: the result of the phone call that tells us what happened. As an example, not interested, sale or wrong number are typical disposition codes.

See our glossary of terms for a comprehensive list of definitions and commonly used language in outsource telemarketing.

All of these metrics are important to analyze your program’s overall health and performance. By using a standardized report template, the outbound marketing report is quite useful for both program managers and clients. They each can review it and see how their marketing program is progressing. With such a report, they come to a better position to devise sales strategies and to make decisions for their campaign. Should there be issues with program performance, the report makes it possible to determine at a glance where to start addressing those challenges.

Elements of an effective outsource telemarketing report

Below is an example of our basic campaign template. It is simple and informative. It is easy to read and not clouded with redundant information. Keeping track of daily sales calls can be problematic, as a solution, we generate daily, weekly and monthly Outbound Marketing Reporting Templates.

Template Daily Report

The template is flexible, easy to use and format, and exceedingly powerful.

Having a standard outsource telemarketing Daily Report Template that can be easily modified to any campaign’s needs helps our team be efficient and effective. At Quality Contact Solutions, our template is always being improved. We are continually adding new elements and features to address user requirements and the growing business landscape.

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Melissa Oberle is a Client Services Specialist for Quality Contact Solutions. Melissa takes pride in creating meaningful, insightful reports for both internal staff and clients on a daily basis. With more than 10 years of experience in call center reporting and related responsibilities, she ensures that information is available as needed to make critical business decisions to ensure each QCS client gets the maximum Return on Investment from their call center and telemarketing budget.


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