Use Telemarketing Lead Generation to Mine for Gold

Telemarketing Lead Generation is a lot like mining for gold. A lot of time and energy is spent sifting, refining, and reworking. Implementing lead generation programs effectively is difficult, and just like real gold mining, generating leads is a time consuming process for a busy sales staff that would much rather be closing sales. It can be downright difficult to run a successful lead generation program when sales resources are limited. What are some of the ways in which sales management can ensure that their lead generation programs are working at maximum efficiency?

Telemarketing Lead Generation is like mining for Gold
Outsource Telemarketing Lead Generation to a Third party

One method of taking the strain off of a company’s sales team is using outsourced B2B telemarketing. The outsourced team becomes the miner, conducting the telemarketing lead generation program while allowing the company’s internal sales team to reap the benefits – the gold. This gives the internal sales team the opportunity to focus exclusively on sales, while giving them more high quality leads to qualify and nurture. This not only saves time and resources for the internal sales team, but it also increases productivity.

Leverage a Third Party’s Experience

Another benefit to outsourcing your B2B telemarketing lead generation program is that the outsourced team typically has many years of experience with conducting telemarketing lead generation for different types of companies. Your internal sales team may not have this depth of lead generation experience. Outsourcers also have the ability to test programs before running them at full speed, giving companies a more accurate idea of how many leads they can expect to generate, and how much profit they can expect to gain – before they decide to ramp-up a lead generation program, lessening their risk of loss of productivity with a failed lead generation effort.

Using an Outsourced Telemarketing Lead Generation Resource: How it Works

The first step in a successful outsourced telemarketing lead generation campaign is to discuss the sales goals and how a qualified lead is defined. The second step is to work with the outsourced management team to devise a plan for the lead generation program, including the script, the list source, training for the B2B telemarketing lead generation reps, and data capture for qualified leads. Then the outsourced sales team will run a very small test (typically 100 to 500 contacts). The results of the test are reviewed, and adjustments are made as needed. A second test run is then implemented, reviewed, tweaked, and finally, rolled out full scale. The result is a thoroughly tested, rigorous program designed to generate specific leads that achieve specific goals for a business.

Show Me the Money

What does outsourced telemarketing lead generation look like in terms of results? Each case is different, but here’s an example from one of Quality Contact Solution’s newest clients, a training organization specializing in custom, on-site training for companies, along with seminars and workshops nationwide. First, a test of 240 hours was done, resulting in 32 appointments, with 19 of those actually occurring. The result was a potential of new pipeline of nearly $50k in new opportunities. The benefit to using outsourcing for this was that the client’s inside sales team was able to stay focused on closing sales while the outsourced team generated appointments.

Many telemarketing lead generation programs can be successful, but they tend to be conducted inconsistently. Outsourcing your B2B telemarketing lead generation is often a better solution, because it allows your business to separate lead generation from sales. In addition, testing the program before implementation helps cut risks and allows the outsourced team to see what works, and what doesn’t, ensuring that the final run will be most effective. If your sales team would benefit from having a more robust sales pipeline, consider outsourcing your B2B telemarketing lead generation. It may lead to a gold mine for your team.


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