B2B Telemarketing Sales Increases Opportunities For Prospecting

Every sales manager knows that consistent prospecting is a requirement to achieve sales goals on an ongoing basis. The math is clear. For every existing customer that goes out of business, consolidates with another business or stops needing your product or services, you must replace them with a new customer. In addition to the sales benefits, prospecting also provides key business networking and branding opportunities. In other words, prospecting can do more for your organization than just finding potential buyers.

Outsourced B2B Telemarketing Sales Increases Opportunities and Competitive Advantage for ProspectingMore Prospecting Means Fresh Opportunities for Your Sales Team

Prospecting also gives your salespeople fresh leads that can be nurtured and developed in the future. Most salespeople get 80% of their sales volume from 20% of their customers. The challenge is finding new potential buyers that fall into that large buyer profile. If you’re not prospecting and continually adding new opportunities to each salesperson’s pipeline, each salesperson is potentially spending valuable time over-contacting their top customers without additional return-on-investment.

Get a Jump on the Competition

An added benefit to prospecting is that it also serves as an opportunity for your company to learn more about competitors and what they are offering in the market. In addition, getting your company’s products and services in front of potential prospects on a regular basis helps ensure your company will be considered when a need is identified. Most businesses will make a quick decision once they identify a business problem that needs to be solved. You want to make sure your product or service is on the short list when that time comes.

Despite prospecting being so more important, asking your sales team to prospect can be an inefficient use of their valuable time. Prospecting generally does not take the same level of skills and abilities that qualifying, presenting, negotiating, and closing does.

Using Outsourced B2B Telemarketing Resources Can Give You the Competitive Edge

What is the solution? Many companies have moved to a model where they outsource their prospecting to a professional B2B telemarketing sales organization. Using an outsourced B2B telemarketing sales company, you will ensure a steady flow of potential buyers to your sales team’s pipeline, increase your team’s morale and ensure that your company is consistently exceeding its sales goals.

Happier, More Productive Salespeople

When you take prospecting off your sales team’s plate, your team will be able to focus on what they do best (selling!) and you’ll have a happier, more productive sales force.

Outsourced B2B Organizations Produce Better ROI for Your Prospecting Dollars

Using an outsourced B2B telemarketing sales model will generally produce higher results for your prospecting dollar. The reason is that an outsourced vendor that specializes in B2B telemarketing sales prospecting has specific expertise, technology and resources that ensure the most productive results possible. Quality Contact Solutions specializes in B2B telemarketing sales prospecting. We understand how to write effective scripts, ask the right questions to qualify the prospects, how to navigate through the organization to the right decision maker contacts, and how to tee-up the opportunity for the next conversation with your salesperson. We also understand how to use dialing technology, caller ID technology, CRMs and external databases to enhance the results for the maximum ROI for each client. Finally, our management team has successfully managed hundreds of successful B2B telemarketing sales prospecting campaigns for clients ranging from blue chip Fortune 500 companies to smaller sales organizations that have hired us to give their team a competitive edge. Large and small organizations benefit from our professional, aggressive approach to help them fill their sales pipeline and keep their salespeople busy.

Prospecting is essential for any sales organization. When done right, prospecting should supplement a company’s current client base, keeping the flow of potential buyers steady, leading to a happier, more productive sales staff. Not a bad prospect.


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