Advantages of Outsourced Telemarketing

Outsourced telemarketing is very cost effective, and has many benefits.

Conducting an effective B2B telemarketing program is no easy feat. A great B2B telemarketing campaign requires motivated, dedicated, and highly trained sales staff. And don’t forget experienced management and top of the line technology. Meeting all of these requirements can become an issue for any business focused on growth because of the time, effort, and expertise necessary to run a successful telemarketing program. Internal telesales efforts have the potential to strain even the most dedicated and experienced inside sales team, which is why many organizations turn to outsourced telemarketing for a portion or all of their telemarketing efforts.

Cut Telemarketing Costs

Outsourced telemarketing is very cost effective, when contrasting the cost with internal expenses such as salaries, technology, and employee/management benefits. In addition, companies that use outsourced telemarketing get access to the outsourcer’s state of the art technology, such as their outbound dialer technology, inbound call handling technology, call monitoring software, agent screen viewing software, quality assurance tools, API’s, email/chat capabilities, and Caller ID services.

Leverage Experience to Hit Your Inside Sales Goals

An added benefit of outsourced telemarketing is the outsourcer’s experience. As a result of running so many campaigns, outsourced telemarketing organizations know what works and what doesn’t. At Quality Contact Solutions, we test every campaign before we run it full-speed. We call this our concept test. We dial for a short period of time with a small team and then pause the campaign to review each aspect of the campaign and adjust accordingly. We then run it a second time before making final adjustments and rolling it out full speed, allowing your organization to reap the benefits of a well-strategized campaign without all of the effort.

More specifically, the outsourced team can test for new products and offers on a smaller scale, ensuring that you do not waste resources in the process of trying to figure out which products and services will sell to your customers, and the best way to go out about doing so.

Get Your Buyers Back

Sometimes your customers have stopped purchasing certain products or services; either altogether, or perhaps with less frequency. This can be frustrating for the inside sales team, lowering morale and productivity. An outsourced telemarketing team can step in and get your customers’ business back. They’ve got the know-how to tweak sales guides, and the resources to test various methods until they’ve rebuilt your pipeline.

Use Outsourced Telemarketing to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

It can be nearly impossible busy organization to give telemarketing its full attention. If your business tends to experience peaks and valleys in its lead generation or telemarketing effort, it may be helpful to hire an outsourcer on a seasonal basis to avoid stressing the inside sales team, and to make the most of your leads. The outsourced sales team can also take on lower value accounts, giving the higher value accounts to your inside team, allowing them the opportunity to better focus on important accounts and boosting their morale and productivity.

Outsourced telemarketing is a great solution for any organization struggling to keep up with leads, seeking more leads, attempting to bring back lapsed customers, trying to cut costs, or simply wanting to ensure that their business is running smoothly.

At QCS, we have the unique ability to leverage over 75 years of combined experience from our staff. And you get the latest technology, our highly trained management, and the right call center vendor for your needs. We’re a one-call destination; we provide direction in telemarketing law compliance selection and Local Caller ID services, too. If you’re not hitting your sales goal, outsourced telemarketing may be the boost your organization needs to get there.


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