Outsourced Telemarketing: Telemanagement vs. Brokering

At Quality Contact Solutions, we call our primary solution, “telemanagement”.  We differentiate ourselves from brokers by staying 100% involved from start to finish and on a daily basis with each outsourced telemarketing program.   Typically, the role of the broker is to evaluate the client requirements and recommend one or more companies that could be a potential fit for the outsourced telemarketing program.  The broker typically collects its fee (typically 5% to 10% of ongoing revenues) from the outsourced call center, making the service free for the client.

Telemanagement Roles

The role that a telemanagement company plays is completely different.  A telemanagement company will evaluate the client requirements and place the outsourced telemarketing program in a call center that they have an ongoing relationship with.  The telemanagement company typically manages the data inputs, data outputs, daily reporting, program evaluation, process improvement, training and program development and call center agent selection.  The telemanagement company takes responsibility for the program results and will provide the client a turnkey solution.  For large programs, the telemanagement company typically splits the work across multiple locations for performance management and disaster recovery purposes.

Significant Benefits in a Telemanagement Partner

Telemanagement Solution for Outsourced Telemarketing
The key benefit of working with a telemanagement company is that the client company does not need to invest as heavily in managing the outsourced telemarketing program.  When a client utilizes outsourced telemarketing, the client should be prepared to staff two or more full-time employees to support the outsourced partner and act as an internal liaison.  When working with a telemanagement company, that company will take on the majority of the support role, effectively lowering the in-house support staff that is required.

Another key benefit is the access to a telemanagement organization’s management team and their expertise.  Good telemanagement companies have effectively managed hundreds of successful outsourced telemarketing programs.  They know what works and what doesn’t work.

Finally, the last key benefit is the ability to use the telemanagement team’s infrastructure (working with multiple vendors) to test one team against another on a periodic basis to ensure maximum performance is being delivered.  Even a small increase in sales conversion rate or contact rate can mean significantly more sales for your outsourced telemarketing program.

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