Considerations of Lead Gen through Outsourced Telemarketing

Great ideas for outsourced telemarketing lead generationWhen I speak with potential customers that are interested in outsourced telemarketing lead generation services, there are a couple of critical items we discuss with respect to what makes us successful. Organizations need the internal support to handle the volume of leads being generated. In addition to proper staffing internally, providing feedback on what is and isn’t working is essential for us to refine the process and send highly qualified leads.

I’ve spoken with many that think that by working with an outsourced telemarketing organization that you are “wiping” your hands and thinking that “they will handle it”. That’s where I argue… that particular line of thinking isn’t the collaborative partnership that either side wants.


Unless you’ve worked with an outsourced telemarketing partner before, it’s hard to understand the net gain in increased efficiencies. Automated dialing solutions increase the number of contacts that are made. The time it takes to physically dial the number of the prospect is also eliminated. What I find most important though, is lead generation is the only job of the outsourced telemarketing team. They do not have to worry about the other aspect of managing a territory or relationships with their customers….it’s all about making the contact, qualifying the lead and moving on to the next opportunity.

A potential challenge is that the outsourced telemarketing team is SO efficient; the number of leads being qualified surpasses expectations of what is to be sent back to the customer/client. In some cases, I have seen customers not be able to handle the volume of leads being sent. As a result, our team has had to scale back our activity to accommodate the lack of bandwidth on our customers’ end.


One of the driving success factors in a successful outsourced telemarketing experience is the partnership on behalf of the client and the vendor. I have seen a direct correlation between the amount of communication, feedback and interaction with clients and the success of their lead generation campaigns. Now, with that being said, the question is raised “I’m paying you to do the job, why do I need to be involved?”.  We know HOW to generate the leads and HOW to sell. The outsourced telemarketing learning curve is in the product and/or service of the clients being served. When the lines of communication are open and clients actively participate in providing feedback though monitoring or sharing best practices for qualifying a sales lead, it helps both vendor and clients generate additional return on investment.

By being aware of these considerations, the partnership will be more fruitful.

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