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Why an At-Home Model Works for Outsourced Telemarketing

At Quality Contact Solutions we’ve found that complex business to business sales programs often get higher return on investment (ROI) in an At-Home model.
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Some outsourced telemarketing programs don’t thrive in traditional call centers or in the traditional call center model. In fact, at Quality Contact Solutions we’ve found that complex business to business sales programs often get higher return on investment (ROI) in an At-Home model. Why is that?

Reduced Attrition

Attrition. It’s one of the main cost drivers for traditional contact centers. This isn’t the case with QCS At Home. Our employees value the freedom to live where they want and the flexibility to work from their own home. QCS At Home provides the conduit for matching high quality clients with high caliber people, creating high employee satisfaction and one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry—less than half that of a brick and mortar call center!

Happy Employees

At QCS At Home we hire only employees—not contractors. This creates employees who are satisfied in their jobs and view it as a career. We run a variety of recognition and incentive programs that help motivate our staff continually. The At Home model also allows employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Our experience has been that these factors contribute to highly satisfied employees.

Access to Highly Qualified Sales Professionals

We hire only the most qualified people from thousands and thousands of applicants. Only the top 2-3% of all applicants make it through our rigorous hiring model and we specifically select each agent based on the best fit with your needs, your company, your brand and your customers in mind.

Diversified Training Methods

Poor training is the number one reason contact center agents quit within the first 30 days. We take training to a whole new level with a combination of webinar-based training, phone-based and self-paced training. Our programs engage adult-learners in new ways that increase knowledge retention in less time.

Improved ROI

We understand the need to generate the highest possible ROI for your marketing and sales dollars. Through an outsourced telemarketing At Home environment, performance is increased by an average of 30 to 40% over traditional brick and mortar call centers.  At a comparable cost factor, that means an increased ROI of 30 to 40% more.

Highest Results Possible

We are experts at hiring the best, effectively training them, and providing the tools and resources to maximize productivity. Couple that with a generous incentive program and our At-Home agents exceed standards and create new levels of performance.

Filling a Unique Niche

Outsourced Telemarketing using home office modelQCS At Home fills a unique niche in the outsourced telemarketing call center market. Highly skilled and trained professional sales and customer service representatives work from home using a sophisticated web-based inbound and outbound call delivery system. The uniqueness comes from the vision of the founder of QCS At Home–small programs, niche programs, and complex B to B sales programs benefit from an experienced hands-on management team which coaches and develops the team for high levels of success. Many companies can benefit from professional call center solutions on an outsourced basis. QCS At Home brings the benefits of highly qualified sales professionals with robust call center processes and technology to each individual client program.

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