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Increase Sales With An Outbound Call Center

Increase your sales with an outbound call center with these tips.
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By A.J. Windle, Director of Client Engagement

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions then you might want to try to increase sales with an outbound call center:

  • Does your sales team hate prospecting?
  • Do you have accounts that are not being called but should be?
  • Do you need help generating leads for your internal sales team?
  • Do you want to test your current BPO’s performance?
  • Do you want to increase revenue?
  • Do you want to capture more market share?
  • Do you need to save costs?

When it comes to increasing sales, think about an outbound call center like a Swiss Army Knife. Of course, you can get the work done without it, but having this tool in your pocket makes life so much easier.

These bright red oval knives have everything! From toothpicks to scissors, there wasn’t a job too big that these bad boys couldn’t tackle. Heck, even Macgyver used one. My point is, outbound call centers are multi-faceted. So if you’re thinking, “I can’t use a call center because I already have an inside sales team,” you’re missing the point. A call center is a tool designed to help support you with completing any task you have. Whether you don’t have enough bandwidth to call all your customers, need help with direct sales, or just need to fill the sale pipeline, outbound call centers are a great tool to help you hit your goals.

End-to-End Sales

outbound call centerIf it’s end-to-end sales you need, then whip out the end-to-end sales outbound call center. Quality Contact Solutions provides end-to-end sales for various organizations, large and small. These sales calls range from a simple one call close to a multiple follow-up approach.

Some programs are simple and focus on one product, while other campaigns may require knowledge of over 100 products. We find the decision-makers, provide the value proposition, process credit cards securely, and report back all data to our clients. When you use an outbound call center like QCS to elevate your sales, transparency is never an issue. You’ll know what your spending and what you’re getting in return at all times.

Lead Generation

Ok, you don’t want the call center to make sales calls. No problem, we have a tool for that too. B2B lead generation gets leads in the funnel for your sales team quickly. Most salespeople don’t like prospecting. Why? It’s laborious, filled with tons of rejection, not to mention that it takes an average of 8 phone calls to reach 1 prospect. This takes away from doing what salespeople should be doing, which is closing deals.

When you partner with an outbound call center to generate leads for your sales team, it’s like folding out that beautiful stainless steel Swiss Army blade and cutting through a rope with ease.

Lead generation call centers know what it takes to get highly qualified leads into conversations with your inside sales representatives. They’ll work with you to identify your ideal prospect, procure the right data, create a compelling hook, craft a call guide, define the right processes and provide detailed reporting that will sharpen your sales opportunities.

Listen, McGyver could build a sailboat out of tree limbs, rubber bands, and banana leaves, but he still needed help cutting the limbs off the tree. He focused on what he did well and utilized his available resources to solve any challenge that he had. Be like McGyver. Keep your team focused on what they are good at, reach out when you need help and make sure you have the right tools to elevate your sales.

Need an outbound call center tool in your pocket,  give us a call at 1-800-963-2889, and press 1 for sales. Or email me at We’d love to help!

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A.J. Windle
is the Director of Client Engagement of Quality Contact Solutions. A.J. is responsible for translating client visions into telemarketing reality. He works closely with the operations team ensuring every client program is successful on a daily basis, including achieving the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter most.  With a deep call center operations background, A.J. is a hands-on leader and has built his career on creating win-win relationships for his clients and QCS.  A.J. knows that great leaders find a way to make sure their team wins.  A.J can be reached at or 516-656-5106.


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