5 Keys to Writing a Successful B2B Telemarketing Script

By Nathan Teahon, Vice President

Sitting-at-computer-typing-a-scriptRecently I was asked what the is key to creating a strong B2B Telemarketing Script. It’s a good question, and after having helped create and implement thousands of successful scripts over the years, I don’t have that 30 second elevator pitch answer to that question. Instead, I have multiple questions. What is the goal of the script? Is there an underlying goal lurking beneath the initial goal? Who are you contacting? Why are you contacting them? Are you selling something? If so, what? Is it a service or product? This list could go on for a while. Continue reading

Successful B2B Telemarketing Services Starts With Training

Developing Front Line Training For a New B2B Telemarketing Program Launch

By: Ryan Apodac, Operations Manager & Training Leader

a-diagram-of-skill-setsLaunching a new B2B telemarketing program is an arduous task. Countless hours and good ole fashioned blood, sweat and tears are essential. In addition to developing good training for the front-line telemarketing services agents, the organization must also design the scripting, dispositions, rebuttals, and programming requirements. The startup list goes on and on. Each item on the startup list is pivotal in launching a successful new B2B telemarketing program in an outsourced telemarketing services environment. However, all of the hard work and attention to detail in the setup phase will be for nothing without a successful training program for the front line representatives.

I believe there are 3 primary components to developing a strong B2B telemarketing training program. They are script training, systems training and product knowledge training. Continue reading

Are Nonprofits & Associations Exempt from the DNC List?

By Rich Hamilton,  Director of Marketing & Product Development

Regulations graphThroughout the course of my time here at Quality Contact Solutions, whether it is helping to set up a telemarketing program for a client or auditing a call center for telemarketing compliance to federal and state laws, I have observed that there is some confusion about whether or not nonprofit organizations or associations are exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry. Let’s clarify the confusion by starting at the beginning. Continue reading

Association Membership Retention is Improved by Phone

By Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

Associate-baseball-and-batThe primary goal of every company that is offering a product or service is to sell as much of that product or service as you possibly can. Once you sell that product or service, retaining those customers is key for repeat business and referrals. This goal is no different for associations that offer memberships to potential members. Quality Contact Solutions has been helping associations with membership retention with specialized membership retention and renewal telemarketing campaigns for years and we are gaining even more momentum in 2017. Continue reading

Telemarketing Services Firm honoring Military Spouse

by Darla Jorgenson, Accounting Manager

Soldier-coming-homeI am excited to announce that Quality Contact Solutions, Inc. is recognizing Mrs. Karilee Joseph on May 17, 2017 in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Kari is one of our most successful B2B telemarketing representatives. She works for one of our healthcare clients conducting outbound and inbound telemarketing services on a daily basis. Continue reading