Commercial Banks Use Telemarketing Companies To Find New Opportunities

Learn the reasons why a bank should use telemarketing companies to conduct its outbound telemarketing campaigns.
Telemarketing Companies

By Marie Korn, Business Development Executive

Telemarketing CompaniesThere are several reasons why a bank should use telemarketing companies to conduct its outbound telemarketing campaigns rather than internally.  Banks, like any other business, have finite resources when it comes to operating budgets, space, and personnel to build an in-house call center operation. Telemarketing companies can augment the process of finding new business to help support your growth initiatives.

Of course, business bankers spend an hour or two per day prospecting by phone for new business, but it is generally part of the job description but not the part they like to do.

Partnerships with telemarketing companies

Telemarketing companies save your bank the ramp-up time of getting an outbound calling effort operational and effective.  Telemarketing companies already have the infrastructure, the personnel, and the know-how to turn your ideas into reality.

Telemarketing companies have a talent like no other. Making volumes of calls, getting to the right contact, listening to the objections, and providing a professional response are just a few of the skill sets needed to drive a successful program.

Telemarketing companies need direction from you to know what determines qualified business for your bank.  Are you prospecting to open new commercial banking relationships regardless of their size and products they might use, or are you searching for users of specific products that may be under-utilized?

A bank must always be conscious of its image and standing in the community. Not all telemarketing companies are the same. When banks decide to use telemarketing to extend its reach into the business community, everyone expects a high standard.  It is the relationship that matters. Therefore, the call center must act as an extension of the bank when reaching out to the local business community.

When calling a banking industry program, you need a professional voice that knows how to generate interest while listening to the needs of potential or current customers. Telemarketing companies spend a lot of time training their client development agents, working with them daily to improve contact rates, overcoming objections, and how to turn a negative response into a positive result.

Telemarketing CompaniesLet your outsource partner handle the initial front-end contact to introduce the bank’s services and determine the business owner’s level of interest.  Once that is accomplished, the bank’s representative can discuss high-level business needs with a potential customer.  The telemarketing companies’ front lines can handle the first phase while your experts maintain communication, start building relationships, and assist businesses in need.  This will allow the bank to spend more time working directly with companies and less time tracking them down.  This is the best use of telemarketing companies’ resources and the banks as well.

Don’t get bogged down on the phone with commercial businesses that don’t have a need, work with the ones that do.

Besides prospecting for new business, telemarketing companies can also keep the communication lines between your existing banking customers and the bank open. Indeed, there are 20% of accounts that bankers should always contact with due to the amount of business they bring.  However, what about the other 80%?

A phone call once or twice a year to ask how they are doing and if their banking needs have changed in any way are great ways to make sure they feel you are concerned about them.  If those customers have any issues, telemarketing companies can schedule an appointment with the in-house commercial banker.  After all, it’s always easier to keep your current clients than it is to replace your existing ones. Keep your current business clients happy!

When looking for telemarketing companies, make sure they have:

  • Experience in driving successful customer service programs
  • Technology-driven systems with redundancy
  • Methods in place to maintain confidentiality
  • A reliable, seasoned management staff
  • Ability to deliver a consistent message professionally
  • Know-how to provide target marketing
  • Transparency and methods to provide proper reporting
  • Operational management to work with you to develop your marketing strategies.


The bottom line

  •  All banks have commercial business channels that are underutilized
  • Experts at appointment setting should be making the calls
  • Bank associates do not have enough time in the day to look for new business
  • Expand your reach into additional commercial banking opportunities
  • Drive more local commercial business opportunities to your bank with telemarketing companies!

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Follow these simple steps to get started

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  4. Provide your target market.
  5. Coordinate the startup with our operations team.
  6. Then sit back, relax, and reap the rewards!


Marie Korn is a Business Development Executive for Quality Contact Solutions.  Marie is a telemarketing and call center industry leader with more than 25 years of experience and success with call center operations, client services, and business development.  Marie’s core expertise is with assisting small, medium, and large businesses with establishing successful B2B outbound telemarketing, lead generation, and appointment setting campaigns.  With a strong systems background originating from a stint at Apple and 3M, Marie is an expert in list selection, script development, and program analysis.   Marie can be reached at or 516-656-4193. 


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