B2B Telemarketing Sales Teams Succeed with Goal Setting and Communication

At QCS, our B2B Telemarketing Sales teams have been laser focused on setting goals and communicating those goals throughout the organization.  Goal setting and effective communication breed success.  In fact, one of the main differences between a successful company and an unsuccessful company is the ability to communicate effectively throughout its own organization.  At QCS, our B2B telemarketing teams have incorporated goal setting and using strategies around highly effective communication in their day to day activities.  Communication is so much more than just telling a story, or relaying information.  We all know people who we would consider great communicators and people who are not so great communicators.  So what is the difference?  What makes one person or team better at communicating than the next?  The answer can be broken down into three fundamental steps: preparation, clarity and the evaluation of comprehension.


It is critical that you have a plan for how your message will be communicated.  What expectation will be set?  Do you have well-articulated details behind your message? What questions can you anticipate from the individuals that are on the receiving end of the message?  Winging it might get the information out there but you will more than likely spend a large amount of time correcting misunderstandings and turning a ship that somehow got way off course.  Here are four preparatory steps for effective communication.

1) Immerse yourself in the content.  Know the details.

2) Create an outline of your message containing the direction, and details of your message.

3) Have resources ready.  When people ask and they will ask where or how you came to that conclusion back your message up with proven reasons why your communicating the message you are.

4) Practice your message.  If you’re sending an email, read it over.  Ask yourself if you were receiving the email would you fully understand the message and direction given.  if you are on a conference call or delivering the message in person.  Practice delivering your message out loud a couple of times before meeting time.

Clarity and Conviction

The next step is “Delivering with Clarity”.  All communication related to goals and results should be in a way that is crystal clear and with absolute conviction.  When Martin Luther King stepped up to the podium to talk about civil rights and said “I have a Dream” do you think he spoke with mediocrity?  When George Bush stood on the ruins of the twin towers with a boom horn in his hands talking about the land of the free and the brave, how did he deliver his message?  The answer is with conviction.  These individuals had a clear message; they believed in that message and communicated it with passion.  It was clear.  The message rant true; people received the communication and they believed in that communication.


The final key to effective communication is to ensure the message is being understood and internalized by the team.  People delivering the communication must inspect what they expect.  Throughout the delivery of your communication there should be time for pause and questioning.  Ask your team these questions to help gauge the retention and understanding of your communication:

1) What questions do you have?

2) What are your thoughts?

3) How do you feel about that?

By asking these simple questions you are now fostering an environment that allows for and encourages Highly Effective Communication.


To run a successful and efficient B2B telemarketing sales organization, highly effective communication is critical.  Call us today to find out more about our B2B telemarketing solutions!  We’ll work hard to help communicate your goals with our team and turn them into sales!


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