Consulting & Outsourced
Telemarketing QA

At Quality Contact Solutions, we specialize in 3 different specific types of call center consulting:

  • Call center operations and sales effectiveness
  • Call center compliance, including TCPA compliance
  • Outsourced call center quality assurance

Do you need a call center consulting resource?

There are any number of reasons to engage with a call center consulting organization including, but not limited to:

  • Identifying if outsourcing your call center operation is an option
  • Evaluating sales effectiveness
  • Evaluating sales enablement and tools utilized by the team to increase sales results
  • Identifying future growth strategies
  • Identifying key opportunities to be more efficient
  • Evaluating how current operations impact customer satisfaction
  • Evaluating customer experience
  • Identifying omni-channel opportunities
Whatever your reasons for looking to partner with a call center consultant, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose a call center consulting resource with deep experience

As call center experts, we can quickly and cost effectively help you solve your most challenging problems. As industry experts, we know the telemarketing and call center regulations and how they apply to your business.

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How to Select a Telemarketing Services Company

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