Telemarketing Compliance

Let the experts at Quality Contact Solutions help you with your telemarketing compliance questions. Our compliance consulting team will help you navigate the Telemarketing Laws at both the federal and state level.

Quality Contact Solutions is known in the telemarketing compliance industry as experts with a deep history in working closely with the Professional Association for Customer Engagement to establish both the PACE-Self Regulatory Organization (PACE SRO) and the Customer Engagement Compliance Professional (CECP) certification program.

Our team of telemarketing compliance consulting experts help clients successfully and cost effectively navigate the maze of Federal and State regulations that apply to telemarketing programs today.


What Telemarketing Compliance Rules Should Be Considered?

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Action (TCPA)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule
  • Truth in CallerID Act
  • Cell phone telemarketing laws
  • Do Not Call telemarketing laws
  • Call monitoring and call recording telemarketing laws
  • Scripts and required disclosures for telemarketing law compliance
  • Auto dialer telemarketing laws
  • Predictive dialer telemarketing laws
  • Compliance training requirements and record keeping for telemarketing laws safe harbor
  • Record keeping requirements to ensure telemarketing law compliance

Quality Contact Solutions has PACE SRO Auditor staff and compliance consulting resources to assist you with becoming PACE Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) compliant. This independent third-party certification will help ensure compliance with all telemarketing laws, including outbound.

Hire Our Telemarketing Compliance Experts to Review Your Current Program

Many companies need extra help with ensuring their call center compliance program meets all state and federal regulatory requirements. By engaging QCS, we will help you achieve your compliance goals.

Telemarketing compliance consulting includes:

  • Telemarketing laws call center compliance training
  • Telemarketing laws training acknowledgement forms
  • Compliance Officer job description and training for telemarketing laws
  • Do Not Call compliance
  • DNC request handling
  • Existing business relationships – guidance and interpretation
  • Telemarketing laws for affiliates – guidance and interpretation
  • State-specific rules
  • Business to business telemarketing laws
  • Wireless rules
  • Scripting consultation to ensure compliance with telemarketing laws
  • Call monitoring and recording


Telemarketing compliance consulting audit review areas include:

  • FTC – Telemarketing Sales Rule
  • FCC – Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • State telemarketing laws
  • Inbound telemarketing laws
  • Outbound telemarketing laws
  • Wireless number telemarketing laws
  • Monitoring and recording telemarketing laws
  • State registration telemarketing laws
  • DNC telemarketing laws
  • Safe Harbor Compliance Consulting analysis



Phase 1

Prior to a PACE-SRO audit, the call center company will conduct a Self-Assessment using the PACE-SRO Online Tool. The Self-Assessment will encompass all areas being audited by the QCS compliance consulting professional. The call center company will purchase access to the PACE-SRO Online Tool from PACE in accordance with the fee structure established by PACE.

Phase 2

QCS’s compliance consulting professional will conduct a review of the Self-Assessment and all documentation uploaded to the online tool. The review will be targeted at ensuring all documentation has been provided and to determine what information will be required during the on-site audit.

Phase 3

QCS’s compliance consulting professional will conduct an on-site audit to review and inspect all documentation, processes, training and technical information necessary to complete the PACE-SRO audit according to the PACE-SRO accreditation requirements.

Phase 4

Based on the results of the audit, QCS’s compliance consulting professional will either remand the audit back to the call center company or present a recommendation for accreditation to the PACE-SRO Committee. In addition, QCS will provide a written report to the call center company senior management outlining the significant findings of the audit.

Phase 5 (if required)

In the event that the audit is remanded back to the call center company, QCS will conduct a review of changes and additional information submitted as a result of the remediation process. This secondary review will be invoiced at an additional charge to the call center company. QCS will determine if the secondary review will require an additional on-site audit.

The company can best prepare by having a full-time Compliance Officer and by completing the PACE-SRO Self-Assessment prior to engaging the PACE-SRO auditor. If the company is not large enough to require a full-time Compliance Officer, we recommend that someone in the organization be assigned the task of managing all compliance issues for the company so that there is ownership and expertise within the company for this critical requirement.

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