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Telemarketing Services Success Starts with Key Vendors

Outsourced telemarketing can be a treacherous endeavor if you don’t have the right partners.

Key Vendor Spotlight: An Interview with Sam Falletta at Incept

by Nathan Teahon, Vice President of Operations

Over the years I have written a number of articles regarding vendor selection for telemarketing services. Outsourced telemarketing can be a treacherous endeavor if you don’t have the right partners. At Quality Contact Solutions, we have been fortunate to work with several great call center partners.

Below is a recent interview that I did with Sam Faletta, CEO of Incept in Canton, Ohio. Sam and his company have been valued partners for several years. They have a culture of quality that is top notch and in complete alignment with Quality Contact Solutions. It is fun to hear in his words why the partnership between our companies has proven to be successful for so long.

 Nathan: QCS will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in January 2017. Incept was one of our first telemarketing vendor partners.  In fact, our first project with Incept was in October of 2007. Does it feel like it has been 9 years to you?

Sam: WOW.  That’s crazy.

 Nathan: Over those 9 years, Incept has done a lot of different campaigns for QCS. Talk perhaps about the range of the “types” of campaigns you have done and what types has your team enjoyed the most?

 Sam: One of the most interesting and rewarding parts of our relationship with QCS is how broad it has been.  We’ve done survey work, sales, customer retention, etc.  It’s exciting to have a partner where there’s stability and also an element of freshness to what we’ll be working on together to help everyone grow as individuals and as a partnership.

 Nathan: How does doing work with QCS differ from other clients?

 Sam: Simply put, QCS is full of industry experts and that is rare for a client.  They truly understand all sides of the contact center business, whether it is technology, training, personnel motivation or legislation;  QCS is a true expert and partner on all aspects of every campaign.  Often clients outsource because they do not necessarily have these core competencies in-house, so it is rare to work with someone with the level of depth that QCS has.

 Nathan: From your point of view, what are the key benefits of working with QCS? 

 Sam: Due to the industry expertise, projects are launched in a much more streamlined fashion than in many other scenarios.  The project has been laid out, training and reporting has been defined and we are generally able to begin working on being successful almost immediately, as opposed to the general set up that goes into other campaigns.

 Nathan: Why do you like working with Quality Contact Solutions?

 Sam: The main reason I like working with QCS is because they increase our chance of being successful for our clients.  Their attention to detail and program development resources puts a focus on each project within our contact center, translating into better results and happier customers.

Nathan: It obviously takes two to make a great partnership. What is it that makes Incept such a great partner?  

 Sam: I think the most critical thing we do is work very hard to solve customer problems.  Sometimes that is in reaching a certain performance threshold, other times it is in the frequency or quality of communication necessary at the beginning of a test, and finally it can just be making sure a specific test has the right level of attention from executives to be successful.  I think we’re successful because we always focus on the customers’ success as our highest priority.  If you achieve that, everything else falls into place.

 Nathan: Is there anything else that you would like people to know?

 Sam: Keep rocking!  Looking forward to working together for the next 10 years.

 Nathan: Sam, thank you for taking the time, we love our partnership with Incept!

Nathan Teahon is the Vice President of Operations for Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing services organization. As a highly competitive person, Nathan brings his “A” game to work every day, ensuring that each of his clients wins on a daily basis. Nathan carefully balances the operations resources and client goals to ensure his clients receive the highest possible results at the lowest cost. Nathan is a true, born and bred telemarketer. He grew up in the business and intimately knows (and has played) every position on the field, including supervisor, quality assurance, call center manager, program management, account management, and call center psychologist. Nathan can be reached at or 516-656-5133.


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