Telemarketing Services Management Explained

By Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

What is Telemarketing Services Management? Telemarketing services agent talking on a headsetI get asked this question a lot. I’ll typically answer by saying that working in telemarketing management requires me to wear lots of hats. I’ll go on to say, As an Operations Manager in telemarketing services, we are the main contact between the client and the call center supervisors, managing all aspects of a campaign. Just a preview of what we do:

  • writing and revising scripts,
  • preparing training materials and training the front line telemarketing team,
  • reviewing reports,
  • problem solving and
  • preparing suggestions to the client
  • as well as the call center team all while ensuring compliance and quality assurance.

Whew – that’s a mouthful! No day is the same and I would not have it any other way! Telemarketing management is not for the faint at heart, but I love it! There is never a dull moment and I believe that you truly have to believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing to be successful because Telemarketing Services is a tough industry to be a part of with a notoriously bad reputation. Here is my story and why I believe Telemarketing Management is so important.

My Telemarketing Services Start

I was looking for a change of pace while working in the world of finance. I was not happy and needed something that was going to allow me to shine. You see, I am an extrovert and love to have positive, upbeat interaction with people. In other words, I like to talk… a lot! I was not getting that in my current job and what better industry to be in when you talk as much as I do—Telemarketing Services was the answer. I was lucky enough to land an Account Management position at a local call center and the rest is history! I became part of a wonderful team of professionals that taught me everything I know and paved my way for where I am now.

You Have to Love Telemarketing Services!

I actually left the Telemarketing Services industry for some time to be at home with my boys and help my husband with his career. This was very rewarding, but I felt myself wanting to be part of the Outsourced Telemarketing world again! I was lucky enough that when I decided to get back into the industry, Quality Contact Solutions had a place for me. It was even sweeter that many of the same faces I worked with prior to my leaving the industry, were now at QCS as well. Who better to surround yourself with than a bunch of other passionate people that love this type of work too!

People Make the Difference in Telemarketing Services

There are a lot of difficult jobs out there and there are a lot of intelligent individuals in each and every industry. Some of the hardest working, most intelligent people I know work in the Telemarketing Services industry, specifically in Telemarketing Management. The problem solving that happens on a daily basis along with the relationship building that is essential to keep campaigns running successfully and clients happy is truly amazing. Each client that hires us is expecting the best results and often times they are coming to us because they need guidance in the ever-changing, challenging Outsourced Telemarketing world. It is essential that we all work as a team – Operations, IT and the Call Center to ensure compliance and smooth operating to give our clients the best ROI they can get while keeping their customers happy. I also love that the Outsourced Telemarketing industry gives individuals a chance in the workforce that they may not get elsewhere. You really get to work with all walks of life! All in the same day you may have a meeting with the President or CEO of a large company and then get on a call to train their campaign with the front line agents. Those agents, in my opinion, are the lifeline of the industry and I have the pleasure of working with the best around.

Is Outsourced Telemarketing Services Right For Your Organization?

At QCS, we are here to help you with your Telemarketing Services and Outsourced Telemarketing needs. We are particularly strong with B2B telemarketing sales and B2C existing customer cross-sell programs. If you are ready to talk about how we can help you achieve your goals, you can reach us at 1-866-963-2889 or email me at

Heather Dubas is a Senior Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions. As an Operations Manager, Heather is responsible for managing client programs and ensuring program success. Heather has a B.S. in Business Administration and prior to joining the Quality Contact Solutions team, she spent time working in Account Management at a highly respected call center in the Midwest. Having over 5 years of B2B telemarketing sales experience, Heather is there to assist in achieving your desired results.


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