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Success Story: Transitions Optical + QCS

There are a number of telemarketing companies in the marketplace that are hungry for business. They may tell potential clients that they can indeed accomplish the end goal that they may be looking for. However, we know that not to be the case…. can telemarketing companies really claim they are experts at every possible opportunity? We don’t think so.

Quality Contact Solutions is different from other telemarketing companies. We won’t take work from just any company that reaches out to us and we certainly won’t say that we can hit the goals potential clients come to us with if we don’t think we can hit them. However, what we will do is suggest a few tweaks/changes to the process, scripting or other elements make the project outcome more successful, based on our experience. We will be creative and not rigid in our recommendations to exceed the objectives of our clients. These characteristics are some of the reasons why QCS is considered a valued and trusted partner.

We find that to be successful, telemarketing companies need to use creativity paired with past experience and proven methods to help their clients win. This is what we’ve done with one of our clients, Transitions Optical, Inc.

The Company

Transitions Optical, Inc., is one of the world’s leading suppliers of adaptive eyeglass lenses that automatically darken when exposed to ultraviolet light and then lighten again when removed from that light. For more than three decades, Transitions Optical has remained committed to advancing adaptive lens technology, providing a true alternative to conventional clear lenses as well as superior adaptive performance, UV protection and helping protect against harmful blue light. They believe in helping people see life in the best light by enriching the way people both see and experience life.

The Challenge

Transitions Optical was challenged in maintaining a complete and updated eyecare provider directory online for potential customers. As a result, consumers in search of an eye care professional that carried Transitions Optical products were not always successful in finding one. Additionally, with outdated and potentially incorrect provider contact information, these practices were unable to receive important communication from Transitions Optical regarding products and updates. As a result, they decided they needed to look at telemarketing companies and identify a partner to help contact, verify and update eye care professional’s practice information.

The Solution

After its’ due diligence in research and interviewing several telemarketing companies, Transitions Optical turned to Quality Contact Solutions for help with this important project. The QCS team identified several ways to create efficiencies and maximize every contact that was made and non-contact as well. Given the years of experience in doing this work, the QCS team was able to identify areas in the process where slight modifications could be made in order to achieve extraordinary results. The strategy included:

  • Making updates directly into the Transitions Optical ECP portal. This way consumers and the Transitions Optical team had immediate access to current eye care provider information in real-time and with sharp accuracy.
  • Using the thought process of ‘less is more’, should an eye care providers front office not have the time required to verify and/or update every piece of contact data needed, instead of calling back at an alternate time, we felt it would be smart to identify the basic but vital pieces of information required for the Transitions Optical team to successfully accomplish their goal.
  • Rather than not do anything with those eye care professionals that we were unable to reach due to a wrong number, no answer or voicemail, after 5 unsuccessful attempts, an internet search was performed to locate and obtain the correct information. It was updated as appropriate.


The Outcome

telemarketing companiesThanks to the great partnership and seamless experience that Quality Contact Solutions provided, Transitions Optical knows the value of what the QCS team brings to their business. Now, QCS is a trusted partner for Transitions Optical and will continue working with their team to help maintain an accurate eye care provider database for many years to come. QCS has proven that not all telemarketing companies are the same.

The Quality Contact Solutions lead verification project has helped Transitions Optical to update thousands of eye care professionals’ practice information in 2019. The goal of providing an excellent customer experience for consumers and ensuring eye care providers have access to the most current information from Transitions Optical has been achieved.

Transitions Optical loves working with the QCS team as the attention to detail, experience and quality of work led to superior results that exceeded expectations. The Transitions Optical team shared that QCS continually gives it their all, are highly organized and very productive.

We love working with Transitions Optical because they are demonstrative of what a great partnership is. They are passionate about their objectives, collaborative by nature and responsive to our team. They are an ideal example of what a great partnership looks like.

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