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Explained: Types of Telemarketing Services for Businesses

Learn which telemarketing service to use, based on your business's goals and objectives.
Telemarketing services for Business

With many types of telemarketing services for businesses, it’s not always easy to identify the most relevant to support your goals. The good news is that most outsourcing partners will help find the best solution to accomplish your objectives. 

I believe knowledge is power. So, let’s take a closer look and define the most common telemarketing services available. That way, when you’re ready to use telemarketing services in your business, you have a head start.


Types of Telemarketing Services Explained

Telemarketing services for businesses can be split into two main categories: inbound and outbound. Each type branches off into specific offerings.

1. Inbound Telemarketing Services

Inbound, also referred to as customer service, refers to calls originating with the customer. Other types of inbound telemarketing services include technical support, order taking, billing inquiries/issues, lead qualification, and more. 

Inbound telemarketing services support both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) needs.

2. Customer Service & Support Offerings

Customer service and support offerings allow for custom and specialty solutions scaled to any business of any size. So, whether you need just a few hours each day or an around-the-clock team, having experienced, friendly agents at the ready are only days away.

Ramping up to meet your objectives is efficient and saves you time as the typical infrastructure to launch is handled for you. In addition, your telemarketing partner acts as an extension of your team. That means your responsibilities become theirs. They hire, train, and manage, which frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your operation.

3. Outbound Telemarketing Services

Outbound telemarketing services refer to a business reaching out or selling a product to another company (B2B), or individual (B2C).

Under the outbound telemarketing umbrella, there are several different service types, including the following:

  • Appointment Setting is one of the most cost-effective lead qualification routes. Sales representatives have busy schedules and need to focus on what matters, closing. The appointment setting process fills the sales pipeline with warm, qualified leads. It is also a great way to schedule meetings or product demonstrations with clients.
  • An Information Blitz is an effective way to get the word out, to create awareness about an event with existing or potential customers.

Outbound telemarketing solutions are among the most customizable offerings available to boost your bottom line. Whether your sales tie to a product or a service, telemarketing provides a direct connection to your customers, giving you insight into their needs.

Not only is this information invaluable, being able to adjust to it with a well-trained team can satisfy your customers by clearing their objections.

In addition, script-writing and editing allow tailor-made solutions to be made in real time, allowing the opportunity to respond or add to existing sales strategies.


Improve Your Sales and Marketing Efforts with Custom Telemarketing Services

The reality is these solutions are only a fraction of the telemarketing services available. Programs tailored for the needs of any business model allow any industry to add services that either solve a challenge, enhance brand awareness, or increase revenue.

Consider adding telemarketing services to your sales and marketing strategies to ensure a substantial competitive advantage. Custom telemarketing services are available to suit any business model.

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Patrick Gilbert is an Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions, an AnswerNet Company. With more than 25 years of leading call center operations, Patrick brings a refined yet refreshing approach to the sales and service environment. Patrick’s breadth of experience makes him an adept problem solver who expertly crafts creative solutions, implements best practices, and develops winning strategies for his clients.


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