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Quality Contact Solutions recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama

Quality Contact Solutions Joining Forces

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke out in Washington in April 2012 about the progress of the Joining Forces campaign – an initiative set out to help support military families and veterans across the U.S.

She recognized several organizations that have played a vital role in the progress of Joining Forces including jobs4america, a coalition of call centers that have pledged over 15,000 jobs specifically for spouses and families of those in the military over the next 2 years. Of these key commitments, included is Quality Contact Solutions.

“We have always felt that military spouses would make excellent employees. As a completely virtual company, we can offer military spouses a career that is portable—they can take it with them when they move. In addition, military spouses are conscientious, hard-working, ambitious individuals. We believe they fit with our culture very well,” stated Dean Garfinkel, Chief Operating Officer for Quality Contact Solutions.

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