Omnichannel 101: A Seamless Experience Everyone Wants

Customers expect to have seamless touchpoints across your business. Here’s why you want them to.
Omnichannel experience

Do you provide your customers the ability to communicate via phone, email, text, and chat? If you said yes, that’s awesome, but does that mean you have completed your omnichannel strategy? The answer is no.


Understanding Omnichannel Communication

If you are only providing these various communication channels without the ability for your customers to move, communicate or buy without starting from scratch seamlessly, you are just giving multi-channel.

However, this is convenient for your customers; it doesn’t provide the best user experience and is not genuinely omnichannel.

Omnichannel looks to take the various communication channels to the highest level by creating synergy amongst the systems. You do this by integrating back-end processes and technology to allow data to flow seamlessly from one channel to the next without needing to start over.


For instance, if your customer begins to place an order online, exits the website, and decides to call customer service, a truly omnichannel strategy will allow the information input into the website to be visible to the customer service agent.

This provides a seamless experience for the customer and makes the job of your customer service agent much easier.


Omnichannel Engagement Starts Here

Suppose you consider outsourcing your customer service, chat, text, or email. In that case, you need to consider what back-end processes or systems you will have to ensure those communication channels stay part of your omnichannel strategy.

Typically, an excellent place to start is making sure you have a robust CRM platform in place and that your outsourcing partner can integrate into your instance. Unfortunately, not all Contact Center Service providing companies like Quality Contact Solutions can do this.


Omnichannel Solutions

QCS has been integrating with various clients’ CRM platforms for years, allowing us to seamlessly continue with our client’s omnichannel strategy.

Additionally, we’ve utilized our ability to create proprietary and customized API applications that can integrate with many systems to push and pull various data points for a seamless cross-channel data integration.

If you’re looking to outsource and omnichannel is important to you. Give QCS a call; we’ve helped many other clients and would be happy to help you.

A.J. Windle is the Director of Client Engagement at Quality Contact Solutions. A.J. is responsible for ensuring innovation and key initiatives are accomplished for each QCS client on an ongoing basis.  A.J.’s deep background in call center management, including training, operations management, and his recent role as Director of Operations for QCS, is skillfully leveraged to produce better results for each client’s outsourced call center budget dollar. A.J. is a hands-on leader and he loves to win!  A.J can be reached at or 516-656-5106. 


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