How to Use Telemarketing Services to Increase Tradeshow Attendance

QCS recently had an outsourced telemarketing opportunity to do just that for one of our clients and it proved to be very successful!

By Heather Dubas, Operations Manager

A QCS Client Telemarketing Services Success Story

Let me set the tone for you… the company you work for is part of a large group that is sponsoring a multi-million dollar expo in one of the most sought after vacation cities.  It only happens once every three years, so you know people will want to be there to see the newest products displayed.  You expect big crowds and then something unexpected happens – attendance is poor!    This, by far, is the worst thing that could happen in a situation like this and that is why it is critical to get the word out about these types of important events.  Sending emails, faxes or mail can be a great way to connect with potential customers and vendors, but utilizing telemarketing services to get them on the phone and having a conversation about it can have much better results.  Quality Contact Solutions recently had an outsourced telemarketing opportunity to do just that for one of our clients and it proved to be very successful!

Make a plan and set an objective:

The objective was crystal clear.  We needed to identify if the lead was planning to attend the expo and verify their email address or capture a new email address if the position had changed hands.  There was also another aspect that the client felt was really important and that was to gather other young professionals email addresses that are in the organization to get them in the loop.  Think of it like an RSVP to the largest party of the year.  This way you can identify who is planning to attend and make sure all potential attendees are aware of the event and the specific dates well in advance.

After we defined the objective we were able to establish a plan that allowed our client to get a handle on who they could expect to attend this year. We knew this plan needed to be simple and accomplish the goal that our client needed in minimal time.

Our first step was to understand our leads and calling strategy. Our client was very prepared with a large list of potential attendees, many of whom had attended in the past.  The list was a 40/60 split of wireless and landline numbers and without a wireless technology option they had no way of reaching a large subsection of their best leads.  Because Quality Contact Solutions has many outsourced telemarketing partners set up to dial wireless numbers we were able to call those leads and fill a need that may have otherwise been a missed opportunity.

Our second step was to create a script. We needed a simple list of questions that allowed us to collect the needed data so our client could make important decisions regarding the evolution of their attendee list.  We started by asking if the lead was familiar with the expo and if so, we gathered if they were planning to attend or if they would maybe be attending.  If they were not familiar, we gave them some great information regarding the expo and offered to send them some information to help them decide if it was something that they felt would be beneficial for their company and employees.  Our total success rate of verifying/capturing an email address was over 60% and the total cost per contact was around $1.93.  Overall this was a cost effective way to reach potential attendees versus other options.   If the lead stated that they were not interested in going, we also asked them for a reason so we could update the client’s records.  By capturing this information, the client was able to determine what the main reason for not going was and could address those areas at a later time to help work on increasing attendee rates.

Making changes quickly to ensure success and maintaining the client relationship:

The campaign described was a fun one and the calls were relatively short with a majority of the leads having heard of the expo or having attended in the past.  We exceeded the client’s expectations by verifying the needed lead information while capturing hundreds of additional  young professional email addresses (the client even awarded the agents some really nice gift cards for performance!) so follow-up emails could be sent out.  Working through these processes with the client, call center and operations teams keeps everyone in the loop with one goal in mind—a successful campaign!  This is especially helpful when there may be follow up campaigns in the future and you want to keep that client relationship going.

Overall, this type of telemarketing services campaign can be a great success if everyone on the team works together to achieve great results.  I have the utmost confidence that this expo is going to have great attendance next year and it is due specifically to reaching the right individuals with outsourced telemarketing calls.  We would love to reach out to your current and potential customers and let them know about your upcoming events. Give us a call at 1-866-963-2889 or email to get started!


Heather Dubas is an Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions.  As an Operations Manager, Heather is responsible for managing client programs and ensuring program success.   Heather has a B.S. in Business Administration and prior to joining the Quality Contact Solutions team, she spent time working in Account Management at a highly respected call center in the Midwest.  Having over 5 years of B2B telemarketing sales experience, Heather is there to assist in achieving your desired results. 


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