How can telemarketing companies ensure their team members are happy? 

Cultivate team happiness through creating a culture of ‘problem solving’.
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No matter what line of work you are in, challenges can present themselves at any given moment, and telemarketing companies are no exception. These challenges take a toll on our overall happiness, and when that happiness starts to dive, it begins to collect some of our most important attributes that impact success to drag with it on its way down.

Telemarketing companies: Productivity and job satisfaction 

Productivity and job satisfaction are like dominos and have a chain reaction. If you do not get ahead of it fast, these issues can spread to other team members in no time. These can be challenging problems to navigate for telemarketing companies as, typically, many employees are close in proximity, where contagious moods travel fast.

Productivity decreases are generally easy to spot. Recognizing the difference between a performance issue and a behavioral change is key to how you respond. An employee who performed consistently well and has suddenly declined does not indicate a change in their ability to do the work but rather a behavior change. 

However, job satisfaction can be more difficult to see. Many people cannot let their frame of mind affect the quality of their work output. If you ever had a highly productive employee turn in their notice unexpectedly, there is a chance you missed some critical signs or, at the very least, some essential communication.


The last thing we want is for a team member to quit or for performance to become so poor, we have to let them go. According to the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals, attrition averages for the call center industry range between 30–45 percent, with some centers having almost no turnover, and other centers having turnover in the triple digits.

Telemarketing companies face these challenges every day. Aside from the abundance of factors that affect us both personally and professionally, telemarketers face the very thing that makes this line of work interesting and unique; every call is different. Every need is an opportunity to make someone’s day. But, when your agent speaks with ‘that’ person who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, their mood can quickly change. One poor interaction can send them in a tailspin of reflection on all the things that may displease them.

Telemarketing Companies need to Foster a Culture of Problem-solving

Prevention of these challenges is key. Since we cannot see all the challenges we are facing, waiting to respond can be too late to resolve. I would encourage you to consider viewing prevention as a vehicle to shift your culture.

Rather than creating programs to prevent challenges, foster a culture where problems and problem solving are ok if they are out in the open and an opportunity is provided to resolve them.

Communication with Telemarketing Comapnies

How do you know if your employees are happy? You may think the pizza Friday you just provided communicated you are pleased with them. But have you considered not all may see it that way? Perhaps you have a perception of your employees’ overall mood because none of them have brought their concerns to you.

It is a common misconception that discussing workplace issues in the breakroom is the fastest way to see change. Are you part of those breakroom discussions? The only way to know how they feel or what they need is to have regular, individual communications with your team members. 


Engaging in your work is a clear indication that satisfaction exists. Telemarketing companies have an excellent opportunity to have their employees involved in the overall big picture. Your agents have more interactions with your customers than nearly all other areas of your business.

Gathering insight they have acquired, asking their opinion, and implementing changes based on their recommendations is the fastest way to ensure they are engaged. Involvement in the day-to-day operations and the respect given to the knowledge they contribute leads to a significant cultural development; they begin to care.

Rewarding Performance within Telemarketing Companies

Most people respond well to praise. They will also give up on trying when they receive none. Having programs in place to ensure a consistent flow of praise is vital. Programs such as employee of the month or recognition of your team on your company website are great ways to ensure that praise is delivered regularly.

Incentive programs that offer financial gain are always welcome but not always in the budget. Often the increased incentive is given to high performers, however, is much less than the cost of onboarding replacements for those who left due to a lack of recognition.

For telemarketing companies, it is essential never to lose sight of the work your employees perform for you. They spend the entirety of their workday on back-to-back phone calls with your customers, all while juggling thoughts of maintaining performance, call quality, problem-solving new questions, ideas, personal issues, etc. Talk to your employees, get them involved, and reward them when they perform.

Patrick Gilbert is an Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions. With over 25 years of leading call center operations, Patrick brings a refined yet refreshing approach to the sales and service environment. Patrick’s breadth of experience makes him an adept problem solver who expertly crafts creative solutions, implements best practices, and develops winning strategies for his clients. Patrick can be reached at or 516-656-5119.


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