Ways to increase agent productivity to offset call center pricing.


We all want to get a good ROI so how do we offset the cost of the call center?  The front-line agents can make or break your investment in telemarketing efforts, so how can you be sure the center handling your client base are going to help your business? Here are a few ways to keep call center pricing down, so you can keep your ROI high.  

Build Confidence to offset Call Center Pricing 

Who would have thought building confidence can offset call center pricing? Yep! Here’s why: 

There are a number of theories on how to achieve increased productivity from the agents, but the main one we find most successful is empowering the agents to be self-sufficient on the calls. When they are free to make the decision on the call, they have confidence, which makes your customers feel confident in your product or service. When both parties are confident, it ensures less time spent on the call, which keeps call center pricing manageable. 

Reduce Stress 

Stress in the workplace can be overwhelming and can have a major impact on the team. It can result in absenteeism, low morale, and a loss in overall job satisfaction. In order to offset call center pricing, allow agents to take short frequent breaks to provide a sense of flexibility to help keep their stress levels down.  

Focus on Employee Engagement to offset Call Center Pricing 

Every manager wants their employees to be engaged, and in the call center world, it is crucial. Many reports have shown that employees who are invested in their role are more productive, showing a decrease in call center pricing. Have some fun! Here are a few ways to incentivize your team: 

  • Bonuses – money or gift cards 
  • Games – fun competitions against one another 
  • Shoutout from the boss 


Make sure they know they are an integral part of the team. When they are engaged, invested, and knowledgeable it can only help your ROI. 

Set expectations   

Partnering with an outsource telemarketing company takes great communication and flexibility.  

Call center pricing can be manageable when the agents know what they are doing and what is expected. Launching the program with a call center that has the resources and knowhow can help keep your costs down and productivity high!  

Marcia Jenkins is the Senior Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions. Prior to joining Quality Contact Solutions, Marcia was a sought-after 10-year call center veteran with the ability to manage and sell. Marcia is responsible for the day-to-day operations for the At Home Division. QCS At Home is a work-from-home telemarketing and call center solution focused on business to business outbound telemarketing, test-bed projects and special programs which are typically not well-suited for the traditional brick and mortar call center operation. 


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