3 Crucial Tips For Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Services Provider

Learn what to look for in a B2B telemarketing services provider.
b2b telemarketing services

When your business decides to use B2B telemarketing services, it’s essential to scope out the different service providers and review what each one has to offer. Not all call centers are the same. Technology, management, and knowledge look different from vendor to vendor. Here are three crucial tips for choosing the best provider to support your business.


B2B Telemarketing Services Providers Need to Have:

Knowledge of the Telemarketing Industry


The service provider you choose should understand the entire scope of the telemarketing industry. From knowing federal and state telemarketing guidelines and call time restrictions to the do not call policies and understanding the best dialing strategies to achieve your goals.


A benefit with a B2B telemarketing services partner is that you’re able to take the worry out of your hands. You don’t have to try and understand the entire market because you can rely on the experts you are hiring to support your business.


Data & Reporting


It’s essential that a B2B telemarketing services provider can provide you with both meaningful reports, and accurate data. The reports you receive will give you a breakdown of your KPI’s so you can determine how successful your program is doing.


Reports guide both you and your B2B outsourced partner. It’s a quick and accurate way to know if your program is heading in the right direction or not. Don’t be fooled by providers that like to show super complex reports. It’s great knowing they have the capability of being able to do them, but your reports should be simple and easy to read. You don’t want to get lost in the weeds that take you away from focusing on the main parts that help you make daily decisions and insight into campaign performance.


Along with the reports, you want to make sure the provider can provide meaningful data like sales, demographic updates, etc. You may think you don’t need the detail because you can see the summary results on the report. The data can become vital for future sales and marketing campaigns.


Understanding how customers and prospects respond allows you to target each group and approach them another way. 


Expertise in Telemarketing Campaigns


It’s best to have a B2B telemarketing services provider who understands running B2B campaigns specifically. Business-to-business is different than a business-to-consumer campaign.


A good B2B outsourced provider has a staff that understands how to make a B2B campaign successful based on the type of business they’re contacting. They know how to make a script successful by navigating the front office gatekeepers to speak with the decision-maker. The vital piece is that dials aren’t being made fruitlessly. Great B2B telemarketing services providers don’t waste opportunities.


Something else to keep in mind is that a provider that you feel you can trust and be comfortable with and understand how to help make your business successful. There’s a lot to consider when looking for the right B2B Telemarketing services provider.


At the end of the day, use the three tips and help take some of that guesswork out of your decision. Remember they should be the ‘experts’ so you can focus on other aspects of your company. 


Check out this call center requirements checklist post our President and Founder, Angela Garfinkel, wrote for additional tips.

Melissa Hinrichs is Director of Client Services for Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing organization. Melissa leads a talented team that ensures client data and reports are delivered on-time and without errors. With more than 20 years of database management and reporting experience, Melissa loves helping her clients make better business decisions by providing them with relevant data and reports on a daily basis. Melissa can be reached at [email protected]contactsolutions.com or 516-656-5125. 




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