Different types of Telemarketing

types of telemarketing

There are many types of telemarketing we can discussI am going to briefly hit on the most popular types of telemarketing, and how they differentiate from each otherIt is important for businesses to understand the different types of telemarketing so they can proceed with the best approach for their own business.  

B2C Telemarketing vs B2B Telemarketing 

B2C telemarketing is when a business is reaching out directly to consumers to sell them products or services that benefit the individual themselves. B2B telemarketing is when a business is telemarketing to another business for a product or service that the business could be interested in. It is especially important to know who you will be calling and what for, so you are prepared to know what individuals or businesses are best to target 

There are different rules when it comes to these two types of telemarketingWith B2C telemarketing, there are more stringent guidelines you must follow such as: 

  • time of day calls can be made 
  • the National DNot Call Registry 
  • if there are any specific state do not call rules to follow 
  • any exemptions for the type of calls you are making 

With B2B
 telemarketing calls, although there are not as many guidelinesthere are still some to be aware ofThey are not subject to the National Do Not Call Registry, however, a couple of states have started requiring them to be scrubbed against their state list 

It is important to understand the 2 different types you are dealing with and keeping up to date on their ever-growing legislative laws that surround them.

Outbound Telemarketing vs Inbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing is extremely popular because the caller initiates the interaction between the business and buyerWhereas with Inbound telemarketing, the caller waits for the buyer to make the initial move (the inbound phone call) in regards to the product or service being offered 

Both types are very popular, and both have their challenges 

At first it may seem Inbound telemarketing is easier for a business because if the caller calls in, you know they are already interested in the product or service. However, the tough part is how to market the product or service in the first place. Here are a few ways to get the word out:  

  • Radio advertisement 
  • Magazine ads 
  • Postcards 
  • Social media  
  • Email campaigns 

With outbound telemarketing
, the first step is to determine who would benefit from the product or service. It makes no sense to blindly call EVERYONE, therefore, you must SEGMENT! Some companies have leads within their systems they use for this purpose whereas some buy lists based on various demographics. Once you segment and know your audience, then you work on the tough part, persuading them. 


Telemarketing Sales vs Telemarketing Lead Generation

Two other types of telemarketing are sales calls and lead generation 

Sales calls are a popular telemarketing tool being used by many companies to try and get their product or service soldall with a trained agent doing the selling from beginning to end. However, there is also the possibility that companies just need the callers to make the initial contact to zero in on those that are interested, and generate leads for their internal sales team, also known as telemarketing lead generation. 

Telemarketing lead generation helps companies that have an internal sales team, but do not want to waste all their resources making phone callsMany organizations utilize outsourced telemarketing lead generation services as part of their overall strategy to hit their sales goal. 

No matter which types of telemarketing your business is considering implementing, it is important to understand the different types and to be sure you engage with an expert telemarketing company to help you with your business needs. 

Melissa Hinrichs is Director of Client Services for Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing organization. Melissa leads a talented team that ensures client data and reports are delivered on-time and without errors. With more than 20 years of database management and reporting experience, Melissa loves helping her clients make better business decisions by providing them with relevant data and reports on a daily basis. Melissa can be reached at [email protected] or 516-656-5125.




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