Business to business telemarketing requires mojo

Having “mojo” is important when it comes to business to business telemarketing success.
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By Megan Hottman, Brand Evangelist

Yesterday I was at my oldest son’s high school baseball games when one of the mom’s commented about how her son has recently lost his “mojo” when it came to his batting. This particular player had always been referred to as “the best batter” on the teams he played for over the last 4 years. I thought the comment was interesting so of course I listened to what the chatter was all about. The speculation of potential issues was endless; a possible injury, not enough practice, something going on with his friends, he wasn’t feeling well, was needing a break.

After the game as I drove home, I thought about her comment, specifically the word mojo and what it meant. I’d consider the word to mean someone’s confidence, how comfortable someone is with themselves in their abilities for whatever the activity or skill is. This is incredibly relevant in the business to business telemarketing world. How many reps have lost their “mojo” at one time or another and how did that impact their overall results? Having “mojo” is important when it comes to business to business telemarketing success.

Ingredients for mojo in business to business telemarketing


Having confidence is an absolute essential to facilitating a successful business to business telemarketing call. It’s crucial to be confident in and have a solid foundation in understanding the overall goals, objectives and having the certainty that the challenges each person is experiencing will be addressed by facilitating the call. When a team member speaks and their mojo shines through with the person on the other end, the call is likely to have a better outcome than without.

In business to business telemarketing, part of our job is to showcase our mojo so the customer or prospect on the other end believes in your confidence more than they believe in their doubts. When we lose our mojo or are not confident in what we are saying, trust on the other end of the line isn’t going to be gained.


A great attitude is key to mojo. The attitude you share and display truly sets the tone for your interactions with prospects, clients, peers, and management every moment of the day. If you have a positive attitude, the individuals with whom you interact with each day will recognize it and learn from what you are doing.

Having a great attitude leads to more success in your business to business telemarketing calls as well. Your customers and prospects will be more willing to engage with you. A positive attitude allows you to grow on a personal level by making it easier for you to embrace the learning opportunities you encounter along the way.

When having the right attitude, believing that you can achieve your goals, and taking the right steps to make sure that those goals happen, your mojo will shine through helping your business to business telemarketing goals to be achieved.

Belief in yourself

People with mojo have the ability to adapt, grow and learn from situations to become more successful. They understand how important their beliefs, attitudes, and self-discipline skills are to careers. They believe in themselves as it’s critical to success, in the workplace or anything else in life. Believing in yourself sets the foundation for your journey on the road to finding your mojo. It can be the motivation you need to get your mojo back in the event you’ve temporarily lost it, just like a baseball player who is in hit momentary rut.

Having confidence, believing in yourself and embracing a positive attitude is a recipe for mojo in business to business telemarketing. Quality Contact Solutions has been a trusted partner for dozens of organizations over the last 12 years because as a company, we understand that mojo is essential in business to business telemarketing. We’d love to share why we believe mojo is key to success in our industry.

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Megan Hottman
is a Brand Evangelist for Quality Contact Solutions. Megan’s experience includes working as an outbound telemarketing manager for a Fortune 100 company for many years. Megan has been both a client and an employee of QCS, so she knows first-hand the quality, productivity and passion the team brings to work on a daily basis. As Brand Evangelist, Megan is a freelance contributor to our website. You can reach Megan at


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