B2B Telemarketing Services: What does an Operations Manager do?

Operations managers bring life to your ideas and then provide the heartbeat to achieve your goals!
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By Heather Dubas, Senior Operations Manager

I get asked a lot “what exactly do you do for a living?”. When you work for a virtual company, everyone is always curious about your job and it is not always received nicely, especially when people find out that I am an operations manager for a company that does work in the telemarketing industry. I am very proud of the worthwhile work that I am part of at Quality Contact Solutions, though, and I want to fill you in on what exactly it is we do for our clients.

I often refer to the operations managers at QCS as renaissance men and women. We are well versed in all aspects of the telemarketing world and that is a great benefit to our clients. Operations managers bring life to your ideas and then provide the heartbeat to achieve your goals!

We are with you every step of the way from start to finish

As an operations manager, we are with you from start to finish. Once you have chosen QCS to handle your B2C or B2B telemarketing service business needs, we begin our relationship with you. We will dive in and learn everything that we can about your business and what you are wanting to accomplish by using telemarketing. We will want to know your company’s history and what type of product or service you offer; what makes your clientele tick and what do they respond to the best.

The never-ending commitment to training and quality assurance

Training and quality assurance are so important to the growth of a program. As an operations manager, we know that to be successful, you must create a solid training deck to get your team ready for optimum performance and we will work directly with you to make sure this is done. Giving the team the tools to be great and achieve the client’s goals is essential. Training is ongoing, as is measuring quality. Operations managers also create and utilize quality assurance processes that are tailored to your company and needs to make sure that the agents we have representing you are an extension of your team. We have a very detailed quality assurance tool to assist in tracking scores to help with coaching and growth.

Daily report analysis

QCS has one of the best IT teams around and they create and provide detailed data and reports to make our jobs as operations managers so much easier. As an operations manager we analyze reports daily to determine how successful your program is and then we provide a daily summary of metrics to each client. Having access to such detailed information daily is so important to guide all parties involved—the agents, management team and clients.

Continuing success

We have an operations team that has many years of experience in the telemarketing industry and we meet regularly to discuss current situations and exchange ideas. Many people on the team have held various positions within the industry from starting on the phones to training to programming. This allows for a plethora of ideas to help grow your business.

If you are in the market for a well-rounded partner for your B2C or B2B telemarketing services that will provide you the care and knowledge needed to be successful, then the operations managers at QCS are ready to bring life to your program. We can be reached at 1-866-963-2889 or email me directly at heather.dubas@qualitycontactsolutions.com.

Heather Dubas is a Senior Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions. As an Operations Manager, Heather is responsible for managing client programs and ensuring program success. Heather has a B.S. in Business Administration and prior to joining the Quality Contact Solutions team, she spent time working in Account Management at a highly respected call center in the Midwest. Having over 5 years of B2B telemarketing sales experience, Heather is there to assist in achieving your desired results.


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