Build Confidence With These 5 Cold Calling Tips

Use our proven framework (including examples!) and create effective cold calling scripts for your business

The Most Effective Cold Calling Scripts Look Like This

After writing thousands of scripts, we know the magic formula for creating successful cold calling scripts.

Effectively Leveraging Telemarketing Services to Qualify Leads

Generating qualified sales leads is challenging. One common method of generating sales leads is cold calling a purchased prospect list

Successful Outbound & Inbound Telemarketing Training Programs Look Like This

inbound telemarketing

Learn the components of successful outbound and inbound telemarketing training.

Outsource telemarketing; your key to preventing sales team burnout

Outsource telemarketing

Learn why outsource telemarketing can help mitigate challenges with your team

Commercial Roofing Appointments

Commercial Roofing Appointments A proven approach to setting qualified commercial roofing appointments Buying commercial roofing appointments from Quality Contact Solutions is a cost-effective way to get you in front of more qualified prospects. From pinpointing the properties that match your services to getting in touch with the right people, finding new commercial roofing jobs can be a […]

Commercial Banking Appointments

Commercial Banking Appointments We set appointments to help community banks maximize relationships with business customers Acquiring commercial banking appointments from Quality Contact Solutions is a cost-effective way to get you in front of your best customers – both current customers and future customers. From pinpointing the small and medium business owners that match your bank’s service offerings […]

Outbound Glossary

Outbound Telemarketing Glossary of Terms Quality Contact Solutions provides outbound telemarketing and call center solutions that achieve sales results. QCS specializes in business to business telemarketing sales. Many companies consider using outsourced telemarketing as a way to increase sales. Not knowing the industry the way that we do, we wanted to provide an Outbound Telemarketing […]

Commercial Roofers Increase Sales Through Outbound Telemarketing

With competition in commercial roofing being so fierce we believe outbound telemarketing is essential.

10 ways to use an outbound telemarketing partner

Here are 10 ways our customers have used the outbound telemarketing services of Quality Contact Solutions.