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5 Outbound Calling Center Solutions to Save You Time and Money

We’re discussing five outbound calling center solutions to help you achieve your business goals.
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The right outbound calling center allows an organization to accomplish more with marketing and sales. It also helps improve productivity, revenue, and the value of time and money spent on processes like lead generation and prospecting. As a result, it enables you to streamline your business and accomplish your goals.

Read on to learn five helpful outbound calling center services for any organization.


Here Are 5 Ways to Use an Outbound Calling Center

1. Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is one of the most popular services that companies request from an outbound calling center.

When done right, an outbound calling program consistently provides qualified appointments to your sales team without them having to do the tedious calling. This helps boost their productivity and efficiency while also increasing your sales, because they now have more time to focus on what they do best, closing.

2. Existing Customer Upsell/Cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling to existing customers are proven ways to increase average order or contract size and should be essential components of all sales strategies. When you already have a relationship and trust built, they’re more likely to purchase an additional product or service that you recommend.

According to an article by Constant Contact, when marketing to a prospective customer, there’s only a 13 percent chance they will make a purchase. However, with a repeat customer, those odds increase to sixty to seventy percent.

Working with an outbound calling center provides you a team of professionally trained agents with tested upselling and cross-selling tactics to achieve results.

3. Lead Generation and Qualification

Generating qualified leads is a challenging but crucial part of the sales process. That’s why many organizations turn to an outbound calling center to grow their sales funnel.

Qualifying leads is one of the least enjoyable parts of the sales process for most salespeople. Instead, they should focus on what they are good at and hired to do: closing sales and growing existing business.

A successful outbound calling center program turns prospects into paying clients. To determine if a potential client qualifies as a lead, agents assess their level of interest in your products or services. In turn, your sales team has a list of already qualified leads without having to make the initial calls themselves.

4. Membership Growth and Retention 

Outbound calling allows you to interact with members at all stages of their membership lifecycle, including those who have let their memberships lapse.

Use outbound calling to enroll new members, renew memberships, and re-enroll lapsed members. Often, companies don’t have the resources to make these calls internally. Therefore, using agents in an outbound calling center helps lower operational expenses and produces results with a high ROI.

5. Prospecting

Whether you’re looking for assistance with cold calling or warm calling, an outbound call center can provide you with a team of trained and ready agents to own this process. But, unfortunately, prospecting is complex and can often fall by the wayside for sales teams, making it unlikely that they will meet their targets.

An outbound calling center is an excellent alternative to your in-house sales team handling prospecting. Look for a partner with a track record of success in this area and experience working with other clients in your industry.


Outsourced Call Center Solutions

If you’re considering outsourcing one or more of your processes to an outbound calling center, look no further. Quality Contact Solutions has telemarketing lead generation, appointment setting, lead qualification, and more expertise.

With years of B2B and B2C telemarketing experience, we know how to create customized programs that produce the results our clients desire. If you want to learn more about how QCS can help your organization, call us at 1 (866) 963-2889 or click the button below to contact our team. 

Ashley Thusius is the Marketing Coordinator at Quality Contact Solutions. With a background in marketing and social media, Ashley enjoys sharing relevant information and making connections with our audience. Prior to joining QCS, she managed the marketing for a construction company serving customers in Alabama and Florida. You can reach Ashley at


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