Commercial Roofers Increase Sales Through Outbound Telemarketing

With competition in commercial roofing being so fierce we believe outbound telemarketing is essential.
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By Marie Korn, Business Development Executive

Contact SolutionsWith competition in commercial roofing being so fierce, we believe outbound telemarketing is essential to the success of roofing companies.

The way we do business is much different now than before COVID-19. There aren’t sales reps in the field getting face time with roofing prospects; how are you helping your sales teams fill and maintain a healthy pipeline and ahead of the competition?

One of the industries we’ve seen thrive with outbound telemarketing efforts is commercial roofing. Here’s why…

We know that most sales teams and leaders believe that cold calling is difficult and time-consuming. More than 40% of sales reps say that prospecting is the most difficult part of their job. The fact of the matter is that IT ABSOLUTELY IS! But guess what? You can reach far more people on the phone than you can by going door to door.

We’ve found that outbound telemarketing is one of the most effective communication methods. Period.

The Quality Contact Solutions team will help you get your name in front of a business with just a single conversation through outbound telemarketing.

While having a conversation we can determine needs to set immediate appointments for your commercial roofing business or keep them on the list for future callbacks.

QCS is your way of reaching prospects before the competition does. Let us help your sales team by scheduling well-qualified appointments through outbound telemarketing. Our team will help fill the sales pipeline with opportunities and serve up appointments to make potential sales.

Get commercial roofing appointments through outbound telemarketing

 We drive sales your way

  • We help increase your market presence.
  • We reach decision-makers that need your help…. today!
  • We help build relationships with property management organizations.
  • Scheduling commercial roofing appointments for your sales staff through outbound telemarketing is something we do well!
  • We set exclusive face-to-face appointments…when we set an appointment, it’s only for you.

How we do it

  • We schedule appointments for you.
  • We make hundreds of phone calls and obtain email addresses to build your prospect database contact list.
  • We identify the decision-makers or influencers in the commercial roofing industry and gather their contact information.

Benefits you will see

  • Your sales team has more time to sell and not prospecting. Close more deals. Close them faster.
  • Significant increase in market presence.
  • Reaching your potential customers…… quicker.
  • Build a new market territory that your sales team doesn’t cover today.
  • The volume of businesses we reach is far more beyond door knocking.

Most business owners don’t know the condition of their roof if it has not been inspected each year. When we speak to them, we let them know that:

  • Their roof system needs to be inspected regularly.
  • Not to ignore leaks and repairs, get them fixed.
  • Consider upgrading the roof or coating it with material to extend the life of it.
  • Work with reliable roofing companies.

Allow your sales team to do what they do best…CLOSE!

Do you need a customized program to meet your specific goals? We can accommodate special requests and we will set up a customized program to meet your needs. Reach out now to the experts at Quality Contact Solutions. We are ready for your call and ready to help make your business more profitable.

Marie Korn is a Business Development Executive for Quality Contact Solutions. Marie is a telemarketing and call center industry leader with more than 25 years of experience and success with call center operations, client services and business development. Marie’s core expertise is with assisting small, medium and large businesses with establishing successful B2B outbound telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. With a strong systems background originating from a stint at Apple and 3M, Marie is an expert in list selection, script development, and program analysis. Marie can be reached at or 516-656-4193.


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