Worthwhile Work = Success at Telemarketing Agencies

At Quality Contact Solutions we have seven core values that guide how we behave. One of the most important of those core values is Conducting Worthwhile Work.
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At Quality Contact Solutions we have seven core values that guide how we behave. One of the most important of those core values is Conducting Worthwhile Work.

What is Worthwhile Work for Telemarketing Agencies?

I can’t tell you how many times per week I get a telemarketing call and before the call is completed I find myself shaking my head. I shake my head because so many telemarketing agencies engage in practices that harm our industry. There is a stigma that is associated with the telemarketing industry and that stigma exists primarily because of a small number of companies that have no regard for poisoning the well for the rest.

Okay, that was a tiny rant. Reeling myself back in before I really fall down the rabbit hole.

But that sets the stage for what worthwhile work really is. Worthwhile work is knowing that you come to work to represent clients you can be proud of. Being a telemarketing representative is not always an easy job, but when you are proud of the company you are representing and enjoy the types of calls you are making then you are much more likely to be fully engaged. It’s important to us that our employees can sit down with their family at Thanksgiving and speak about the companies they represent with pride.

Worthwhile Work Extends to the Client Relationship

The definition of worthwhile work also extends to the nature of the client relationship that our team has with the client. To us, it is important that the management team that interacts with the client contact on a daily basis is treated with respect and ultimately that a strong bond can be built over the long term – building a sustainable successful relationship where one plus one equals three.

We’ve learned that it is critical to assess each opportunity and qualify if the client contact will be a good partner. It’s rare when that isn’t the case, but everyone has an example or two of an old client that was abusive. It goes without saying that avoiding the poisonous client protects the well-being of our team.

Why Worthwhile Work is Important

Worthwhile work is important because above all else we value our team and want to protect that. I believe our team is our biggest asset and in the absence of worthwhile work the team wouldn’t be nearly as strong. Employees that are engaged in conducting worthwhile work are more engaged, making good employee’s great employees.

Everyone is willing to do what it takes when they believe in the client and in their team. Absent worthwhile work, good employees will find more satisfying work elsewhere.

I love that conducting worthwhile work has become a staple in our vernacular at QCS. It has always been something that we lived by, but when we put it in writing as one of our core values it became one of our mantras that our team loves to tout. We have a lot of amazing clients that we conduct worthwhile work for and that is something to be proud of.

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Nathan Teahon is the Vice President at Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing services organization. As a highly competitive person, Nathan brings his ‘A’ game to work every day, ensuring that each of his clients wins on a daily basis. Nathan carefully balances the operations resources and client goals to ensure his clients receive the highest possible results at the lowest cost. Nathan is a true, born and bred telemarketer. He grew up in the business and intimately knows (and has played) every position on the field, including supervisor, quality assurance, call center manager, program management, account management, and call center psychologist. Nathan can be reached at Nathan.teahon@qualitycontactsolutions.com or 516-656-5133.


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