Why Hire 3rd Party Appointment Setting Companies To Generate Leads?

Check out the reasons businesses hire appointment setting companies
Appointment setting companies

Just because a sales rep can tackle every aspect of the sales process doesn’t necessarily mean they should do it independently. There are several reasons businesses look to hire 3rd party appointment setting companies that we’ll review. 

But first, what is the purpose of appointment setting companies, and what do they do?

The purpose of using a 3rd party to help set appointments is to delegate the task of finding and qualifying leads and allow sales reps to spend their time closing leads, which is likely what they are good and their employer hired them to do.

Appointment setting companies use highly trained sales reps to call, qualify, follow up, nurture, and schedule prospects to meet with a sales closer. Appointment setters are skilled at prospecting and use their superpowers to find and engage with qualified leads that turn into converted deals.  

Appointment setting requires a deliberate focus and a well-honed process to be the most successful. 

4 Reasons To Hire Appointment Setting Companies

It may seem daunting to essentially give control to a 3rd party responsible for generating leads. So why do it?  

Here are four reasons:  


Time is money, or so they say. By partnering with appointment-setting companies, businesses free up more time for their internal team to focus on converting, closing, and growing

Think about it this way; appointment setting companies can fertilize and weed the garden while your business grows vegetables and fruit. 


Appointment setters find decision-makers, have phone conversations, listen for the prospect’s needs and concerns. Then, they know how to expertly overcome concerns and address a prospect’s needs with the features and benefits your company offers.  

Appointment setting companies are experts at what they do. For example, if you are a roofing company, you are an expert at bidding and completing roofing projects. However, you may not be an expert at finding prospects, having phone conversations, overcoming objections, and getting the customer to make an appointment. 


Appointment setting companies are overall more efficient and can cast a wider net. Some increases in efficiency are gained by:

  • Access to CRM tools can track prospects and manage multiple calendars providing visibility that allows the immediate scheduling of appointments. No back and forth. No passing a qualified lead back to the business to track down a calendar opening. 
  • Send automated reminders to customers of upcoming appointments.
  •  Place follow-up calls once the appointment is complete.  

4.Brand Image

Using an appointment setting service also helps in promoting brand awareness with your target audience. When a well-experienced person interacts with the intended audience, it automatically introduces your company to them. 

In a survey from HubSpot, salespeople were asked which part for sales process is most difficult – prospecting (42%), closing (36%), or qualifying (22%). But, if you start with qualified prospects, closing isn’t so hard, neither is prospecting.

Outsourcing to appointment setting companies helps grow businesses and positively affects the bottom line. 

Looking at the time it will take and the cost to outsource your company’s appointment setting can seem like too much; however, it’s worth the time and will pay dividends in the future. 

To learn more about how to choose an appointment setting company, check out these resources:

Tina Lisell is a Senior Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions. Tina has over 25 years of call center experience with both inbound and outbound B2B and B2C programs. Tina is a strategic thinker and loves digging deep into the data to determine the appropriate levers to pull to positively impact performance. She is a true professional that makes things happen with intelligent urgency. Most importantly, she loves winning! 


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