A Third Party Can Maximize Outbound Telemarketing Results

Using a third party organization will increase your outsourced telemarketing program performance nine times out of 10.
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By Angela Garfinkel, President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions

Using a third party organization that performs the telemanagement function will increase your outsourced telemarketing program performance nine times out of 10. There are three distinct reasons for the increase in performance.


word cloud; outsourcing, communication, third party, customer, relationshipThe telemanagement organization has a narrow focus on your program and its success. If you are using outsourced telemarketing services and you have the typical week of product meetings, marketing meetings, budget meetings, inter-department meetings, etc, you end up with very little time to manage and monitor your outsourced telemarketing vendor. We find that most companies put telemarketing vendor management on an individual’s plate without taking anything else off their plate. It is very difficult to spend a small amount of time and have a big impact on your telemarketing program performance.

In addition, the telemarketing vendor that you partner with likely has multiple clients they are juggling at the same time, plus a plethora of internal resource issues to deal with (human resources, technical resources, budget resources, etc). We find that most telemarketing vendors need a little help prioritizing what needs to be done to impact program performance and to ensure the highest results possible. That’s where a third party telemanagement firm can help.

When you use a professional telemanagement firm to manage your outsourced telemarketing, you get a team of experts that is 100% focused on increasing performance. It’s up to us to deliver and we know it.


The telemanagement organization brings significant expertise to managing your outsourced telemarketing programs. The expertise spans from developing scripts, developing useful reports, to drawing on the teams within the client organization and the vendor organization to ensure the best ideas are identified and implemented to drive program improvements and success.


Most telemanagement organizations are responsible for identifying the right outsourced telemarketing vendor for each client program. Within this operating model, the client gets the benefit of contracting with the telemanagement firm. Then the telemanagement firm subcontracts to one or more telemarketing vendors / call centers. This model provides tremendous benefit to the client because the telemanagement firm can control doing new vendor tests and comparisons without the client needing to do a new contract or go through procurement again.

In addition, by working with the telemanagement firm, large programs can be split across more than one vendor. We’ve found that splitting a telemarketing services program across 2 or 3 vendors will result in better performance because the vendors can each be given the outbound marketing lists that they are best suited for. The win for the client is that the client only has one point of contact, but has access to multiple vendors to leverage competition and maximize performance. AJ Windle, QCS Senior Operations Manager, wrote about this concept in his article, “Outbound Marketing from Good to Great: A B2B Case Study”.

Want to learn more about how you might benefit from using a telemanagement company to manage your telemarketing services programs? Give us a call at 866.963.2889 and press 1 for sales.

Angela Garfinkel is the President and Founder of Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing services organization with a telemanagement model. Angela has the pleasure of leading a talented team that runs thousands of outbound telemarketing program hours on a daily basis. Angela can be reached at angela.garfinkel@qualitycontactsolutions.com or 516.656.5118.


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