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Successful Outbound Call Center Project Management

The one thing that should remain consistent from one project to the next is your utmost attention to detail.
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By Ryan Apodac, Operations Manager and Training Leader

Managing an outbound call center marketing project is no easy task. Regardless of the countless number of project launches you have under your belt, every day is a learning opportunity. The one thing that should remain consistent from one project to the next is your utmost attention to detail. The cliché “Plan, Plan, Plan” is a simple summary of what it takes to be successful. Let’s discuss this more in depth

Outbound Call Center PlanningPlan for success by using a templated outbound call center project startup checklist

Each project is unique, and although one project may seem the same as another at face value, the easiest and most detrimental mistake you could make is assume. On the flip side, trying to re-invent the wheel for each project is time wasted and unrealistic. To successfully manage an outbound call center marketing program, it is crucial to be able to categorize generalized objectives of projects to develop an initial checklist of “lessons learned” to prepare for each new project.

Plan for the worst by identifying potential issues that could arise when starting a new outbound call center project

While this plan may seem counterintuitive at first glance, this can be the difference between success and failure. Think through every way the call can go, especially the worst, so you can prepare the team to handle it. Whether it’s the one-off objections or additional questions that will inevitably come up on the call, the more of these things that you can identify and resolve before launch the more likely you are to succeed.

Build in specific timeframes that you will evaluate the results and adjust your plan to ensure maximum performance for your outbound call center project.

I call this the plan to adjust the plan!  In an outbound call center marketing program, you must have a “Plan B”… for EVERYTHING.  What if… What if… While some might say “Negative Nancy”, this is one of the main keys to success.

Know what you need to do to pull the levers, so you can pull them quickly.  You must be ready to adjust at a moment’s notice, which is almost impossible if you don’t have a back-up plan and you’re overwhelmed with a bad feeling because the results are not good, and you are responsible.  Here is a great resource/checklist to use when a program is not at goal:

Outbound Telemarketing Checklist

In conclusion, to be successful one must Plan! There is no substitute when it comes to being prepared. With a well thought out plan, and of course diligent execution, the sky is the limit. What’s your Plan?

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Ryan Apodac
is an Operations Manager and Training Leader for Quality Contact Solutions, a leading outsourced telemarketing organization.  With a background of more than a decade in sales, Ryan is passionate about developing and delivering training that ultimately results in improved performance for client programs.  Ryan can be reached at or 516-656-5127.



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