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Showing Appreciation Goes a Long Way in Outsourced Telemarketing

Some people think we’re crazy.  Let’s face it, outsourced telemarketing can be a brutal business to be in.  In fact, from our clients to our employees, the stress is often palpable, even on the best of days.   Why is outsourced telemarketing so difficult?  We think it’s because there are so many variables that are difficult to control.  At Quality Contact Solutions, we’ve identified one variable that is entirely in our control:  showing genuine appreciation to the individuals that contribute to our success.   We call it our “Love Program”.

Quality Contact Solutions Love ProgramHow do you feel when someone genuinely appreciates you and the effort you make? It feels good, right? That kind of ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling is what we hope our customers, employees and vendors (collectively, our stakeholders) associate with our company.

Quality Contact Solutions has, from the very beginning, been an organization founded on making our stakeholders feel loved, appreciated and valued.   We believe showing appreciation to our stakeholders, not only sets us apart from our competitors; it improves customer relationships, increases loyalty, and decreases the impact of stress.

Here are some of ways we show appreciation to our stakeholders.

Share knowledge

We believe in sharing relevant information with our stakeholders.  Sharing information enables trust and increases the value in the relationship.  .

Let’s take our world of outsourced telemarketing for instance. A big disruption in the industry is the recent Federal Communications Commissions’ Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Declaratory Ruling. The team at QCS has been in the trenches learning the details of the ruling and how they impact our industry. In fact, just last week, we shared notes that debriefed key information pertaining to outsourced telemarketing and potential risks for consideration.

Spending time

Spending time with our stakeholders is valuable.  And when possible, getting face-to-face setting can lead to critical learnings that will improve the outsourced telemarketing program.  Meeting face-to-face often offers the chance to hear what is going well and what areas need to be improved.

We make a point to schedule time with our stakeholders regularly.  Here’s our formula:

  • Formally meet with stakeholders to review your performance and realign goals. The face to face meeting is invaluable!
  • Coordinate in advance to meet at a tradeshow or conference.
  • Every time you travel, make a point to connect with a stakeholder in their city for coffee or even lunch. Let them choose the location as you’ll likely learn one of their favorite local spots.

We feel like face-to-face meetings with stakeholders solidify the value of staying connected.

Give an influential read

At QCS, we love to read.  We like to share books with our stakeholders and often they find a personalized note inside the cover.

Some of our favorite books that we’ve read recently are:

Send a treat

Let’s face it, we all love treats.  That little extra something lets your stakeholders know that you’re thinking of them and they’re appreciated — which isn’t always conveyed in the hustle of day to day interactions.

Example of Quality Contact Solutions Love Program - Smores“We appreciate you s’more than you know! Here’s to a year of happiness and sales success!”

Value feedback

It has been said that the most sincere form of respect, is actually listening to what another has to say.

When you ask for feedback take into account what changes your organization should make from the feedback and then follow through. After all, what’s the point of asking and listening if you’re not going to act?

At QCS, feedback is obtained in several ways, including client and employee surveys twice annually to help benchmark their perception of our company, services and leadership.

Do you feel loved?  If not, find out how you can become part of the QCS circle of love.  It’s a good thing.


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