QCS Launches At-Home Contact Center Solution

Quality Contact Solutions’ President, Angela Morris announced that her firm has launched a new division, “QCS At Home Inc.”
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Aurora, NE. Quality Contact Solutions’ President, Angela Morris announced that her firm has launched a new division, “QCS At Home Inc.” and has hired Marcia Jenkins, a sought- after 10-year call center veteran, to manage the newly formed home-based operation. QCS At Home is a work-from-home telemarketing and call center solution focused on business to business outbound telemarketing, test-bed projects and special programs which are typically not well-suited for the traditional brick and mortar call center operation.

According to Ms. Morris, the addition of QCS At Home was a natural expansion to better serve the ongoing needs of the company’s existing client base. “We often come across unique client requirements that just don’t fit well into a brick and mortar call center. If a program needs to be tested and tweaked or needs the honing of a special skill set, this is often difficult to accomplish in a typical call center environment. QCS At Home agents are the best in breed, true home bound professionals looking for a career. This new option provides us with the flexibility to nurture programs in the At-Home environment and then consider the option of a brick and mortar call center when the program is ready to scale.”

QCS At Home utilizes state of the art, secure web-based technology for inbound and outbound call routing, data and call resource management. Predictive assessments are utilized to assist with determining which individuals will perform best on various programs in the at-home environment. In addition, the Quality Contact Solutions support staff, utilizing proven proprietary processes and tools, facilitates the ongoing management of all client campaigns, ensuring the absolute highest quality of service.

When asked about the experience so far, Nathan Teahon, Quality Contact Solutions’ Director of Operations, stated “Since inception, Quality Contact Solutions has been a virtual company so QCS At Home was really just a natural expansion of what we were doing already. We already had the processes and the tools to coach coworkers without being face to face. It has been a smooth startup and we are seeing truly amazing results from our At-Home team.”

About Quality Contact Solutions:  Quality Contact Solutions (QCS) is a specialized consulting and telemanagement firm serving the call center industry. With deep experience in inbound and outbound program management, QCS helps clients get better performance and make every contact count. In addition, QCS has on-staff personnel who are certified to perform the third-party, independent audit required for ATA-SRO accreditation.

About QCS At Home:  QCS At Home is a division of Quality Contact Solutions that is focused on providing high quality inbound and outbound call center solutions for clients which desire to benefit from the At-Home model. For more information visit www.qcsathome.com


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